U.A.T FRP Tool v3.01 Crack latest Tool Free Download {Working 100%}

U.A.T FRP Tool V3.01 Crack latest Tool Free Download 

Today we're releasing uat frp tool crack 3.1. I hope you enjoy this new tool from UAT Team and hoping this will encourage them to improve their protection. This protection was shit.

Credit By GSM-X-TEAM


This module is a tool that handles Factory Reset Protections (FRP) on almost all CPUs. This tool was tested and will be very useful to handle your FRP operations. Please buy tool and support dev.


How to use:

1. Download from above "U.A.T_FRP _Tool".

2. Extract and install "U.A.T_FRP 3.0.1 Cracked_Setup.exe".

3. Run shortcut on desktop then enjoy! :)

What is New :


Added More HUAWEI Models for FRP RESET [ OFFLINE]

1. MTP Mode
2. ADB Mode

  • Enjoy 8e ATU-TL10
  • Honor 9i
  • Honor Changwan 7A AUM-TL20
  • Honor Changwan 7C LND-TL40
  • Huawei P10 Selfie BAC-L03
  • Mate RS Porsche NEO-AL00
  • Nova 2 BAC-L21
  • Nova 3 PAR-AL00
  • Nova 3e ANE-L22
  • Nova 3e ANE-LX2
  • Nova 3e ANE-LX2J
  • Nova 3i INE-LX2
  • Nova Lite 2 704HW
  • Y6 2015 SCC-U21
  • Y6 2018 ATU-L21
  • Y6 2018 ATU-LX1



1. EDL Mode
2. fastboot Mode

  • C459
  • F30C
  • F50Y
  • F90M
  • LS-4003 [FLAME-4]
  • LS-4503 [FLAME-1]
  • LS-4505 [FLAME-8]
  • LS-5002[ WATER-1]
  • LS-5005 [WATER-4]
  • LS-5006 [WATER-6]
  • LS-5007 [WATER-5]
  • LS-5008 [WATER-2]
  • LS-5009 [WIND-6]
  • LS-5010 [WIND-1]
  • LS-5014 [WIND-4]
  • LS-5015 [WATER-8]
  • LS-5016 [WATER-7]
  • LS-5018 [WIND-4S]
  • LS-5021 [EARTH-2]
  • LS-5201 [WATER-F1S]
  • LS-5501[ EARTH-1]
  • LS-5502 [WIND-3]
  • LS-5503 [WATER-3]
  • LS-5504 [WATER-7]
  • LS-5505 [WATER-F1]



1. EDL Mode
2. fastboot Mode

  • Gionee F6
  • Gionee M7 Power
  • Gionee S10 Lite
  • Gionee S10C



1. EDL Mode
2. fastboot Mode

  • OnePlus One A0001
  • OnePlus One TD
  • OnePlus X E1001
  • OnePlus 2 A2003
  • OnePlus 2 A2005
  • OnePlus 2 A2001
  • OnePlus 3 A3000
  • OnePlus 3 A3003
  • OnePlus 3T A3010

WARNING : IMEI Changing is illegal in Most of Countries. IMEI Repair is Intended to Repair IMEI to its Original IMEI Written in Phone Back .
We are not responsible for any Problem caused by mis-using this Function. User will be Sole Responsible for any illegal Activity done by using this Function.No Box , No Dongle , No Tension of any Hardware Damage or any Driver Installations.

No need of waiting for any Shipping or any Stock availability, Just Download ,get Register and buy Activation.

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