Phoneboard 1.5.3 Latest Version Free Download Best Tool For Mobile Hardware Circuit

Phoneboard 1.5.3 Latest Version For Windows X32-X64Bit Free Here

Phone board is a free alternative to ZXW Tools dongle and Wuxinji.  The software is available on both Linux and Windows, but not MacOS.  It’s also not as detailed as ZXW tools (schematics, diode mode readings, multi-layer trace diagrams, etc.), but for basic troubleshooting, it will do.  It is FREE, so how can anyone complain about that?  Another great thing about it is that as of version 1.4, it’s available in 7 different languages (English, Polish, Hungarian, Cambodian, Italian, Finnish and French).

Phone board 1.5.3 Latest Version

First of all, thank you for using Phone board!
I've been working on Phone board in my spare time for six months and lately, updates are much slower than I might like.
This is what I want to do if I can work full time:
  1. Add the latest iPhone models.
  2. Add MacBook models.
  3. Add an auto-updater.
  4. Board Layers.
  5. Repair solution list.
  6. SMB community reference values.
  7. Eventually, release the source code and board files.
If you have an awesome idea feel free to contact me at the discord server.
Thank you!

ReadMe Once:-

Compatibility For:-

We Provide all Official Download Phone board 1.5.3. This Tools Compatible and fully Supported for all Windows PC. We tested and Work On Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 70, Windows XP… All tools Supported for Win- 32 & 64 bit…

Download USB Driver:-

If you are trying to download all mobile USB Drivers so please head to the USB Driver page and Download your Mobile USB Driver.

How to install Download Phone board 1.5.3 (tutorial):-

Just Download the Phone board 1.5.3 The tool on your Computer and then double-click the FRP Bypass.exe and after open the setup screen just click next next next then tap on Finish.


First of all, we didn’t make these tools. This tool is created and distributed by the GITHUB User. full credits go to them.

Phoneboard 1.5.3
25 MB

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