Android Utility Tool V140 New Update Free Download

Android Utility Tool v140 2024 Latest Version

Android Utility Tool 140 Included is a bug fix for Restore Orange State, it also includes the VIVO New Sec Readinfo in Fastboot Mode and the ability to DUMP Preloader for test points, NV Regions in Meta mode, and MDDB/APDB files. It provides improved features for Huawei devices, including the ability to load firmware packages, switch from Facebook, update firmware via DLOAD and FB, flashboard software in Fastboot mode, skip updates, use the outdated HDLCa1go, extract updates, and turn on auto-reboot.

Watch the Video for a fix update.

Full changelog!

Android Utility Tool 140 Latest Version

  • VIVO New Sec Read info Fastboot Mode
  • Restore Orange State - Fix bugs
  • DUMP Preloader for test point
  • DUMP NV Regions (Meta)

Huawei > Flasher

  • Load Firmware package 
  • Switch From FB
  • Firmware Update (DLOAD) 
  • Firmware Update (FB)
  • Flash Board Software (FB) 
  • Skip update
  • old HDLCa1go
  • Extract Update
  • Auto Reboot

Android Utility Tool 138

⦿ Added SM-T509 S2 factory reset without test-point (Force/Exit BootROM mode).

Android utility tool 135 

​​ (Limited Edition)

New Release Android Utility v135.00.3462 - May 12 2024

⦿Samsung SPRD force BROM
Option works with all  Samsung devices – UniSoC.
⦿SM-T509 U1/S2

Android utility tool 134

  • Skip EMMC PMT rebuild (UniSoC) [MI Versions.
  • Fix (unknown baseband) [BROM]
  • Fix (unknown baseband) [Fastboot]
  • Dump Patched USER_SECTION PKG (META)
  • Download Patched USER SECTION PKG (META)
  • Dump PGPT (META)
  • Dump NV Regions (META)
  • Dump EXT CSD (META)
  • ADB Factory Reset (old Android)
  • MTK creates a BOOT SECTION from the Preloader
  • Samsung MTK PRELOADER Repair via BL (FM)
  • Samsung UniSoC Write PAC file
  • Skip EMMC PMT rebuild (UniSoC) MI Versions.
  • Enable Xiaomi OTA updates [BootROM]

Kirin Processor supported (load factory fastboot [USB 1.0]):

  • KIRIN620
  • KIRIN650
  • KIRIN655
  • KIRIN658
  • KIRIN659
  • KIRIN710
  • KIRIN710F
  • KIRIN910
  • KIRIN920
  • KIRIN92S
  • KIRIN930
  • KIRIN935
  • KIRIN950
  • KIRIN955
  • KIRIN96O
  • KIRIN970
  • KIRIN980

Android Utility v133.00.2888 (SM-T509 format) Infinity cards only (one week)

Android Utility PRO (AUP) – [V132.00.2842:01:04:2024] :


⦿ Improved Samsung FRP Bypass & Reset 

⦿ Bug Fixed Stable edition

How to install it?

Download the Android utility tool from the link below. 
Extract all files to your desktop or C: drive. 
Open the folder and run "AndroidUtility.exe."

After opening the program tool, it should take only a few seconds to load on your computer. If you see a smart card error, you haven't connected any dongle to your computer and can only use a few features in the tool. Once the tool is open, you can connect your device to the computer and choose the function you need to perform. Enjoy the new update of Android Utility Tool Pro.

Download Link [Android Utility Tool]

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