Universal Android Tools 2014 Free Download

Universal Android Tools 2014

Universal Android Tools 2014 is a small application for windows computer which allows you to perform multiple tasks on your Android Device, whether you wants to Root your Android Device or removing the Pattern Lock, PIN Lock.

How To Work:-

It allows you to Quickly Root almost all the Android Device in the World, including Samsung , HTC, Motorola Devices.
It also allows you to Check the Device Version, Reset the User password, Reset the Gmail password, Wiping the Data, Wiping the Cache partition, Rebooting the Device.
it also allows you to check the device on Fastboot Mode, Wipe Data on Fastboot Mode, Wipe Cache on Fastboot Mode, Exit the Fastboot Mode Recovery in single click, Reboot the recovery, Reboot the Download Mode, unlock the pattern.
In order to use the Android PC Suite properly, you need to install the Universal ADB Driver on your Computer. Once Driver is installed you can successfully connect your Android Device to the computer.
Download Links:-SERVER1,SERVER2

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