Arab Dev Team Tool V0.3 Free With Drive Link...

Arabic Dev Team Tool Is A software application that runs portable, almost the same as the Command Prompt (cmd) This software application does not need to be installed, and you can directly use it.

Arabic Dev Team Tool Makes it easy for us to do software work such as, Remove FRP, Remove Pin or Password, etc.

Arabic Dev Team Tool V0.3

Here are the features provided by the Arab Dev Team Tool:-

Adb Mode

1 = Read Info
2 = Check CPU
3 = Reboot
4 = Go Recovery
5 = Go Bootloader
6 = Go Download
7 = Go Edl 9008
8 = Kill-Server
9 = Start-Server
10 = Frp Remove
11 = Remove Pin Pass (Adb)

Fastboot Mode

A = Devices
B = Go Normal
C = Go Edl 9008
D = OEM Relock
E = Info
F = Fastboot -w
G = Bootloader View
H = Format-Userdata
I = OEM Unlock
K = Qualcomm Frp
H = Qualcomm Frp 2


L = Xiaomi All Locks Remove Tool
Q = Redmi Note 3 Mi Account (EDL Mode)
R = Redmi Note 4a Mi Account (EDL Mode)
T = Redmi 5 Mi Account (EDL Mode)


M = Samsung Remove locks (Need Root)
N = Remove Frp (Exynos) Download Mode
O = Remove Frp (Qualcomm) Download Mode
P = Wipe Efs


Arab Dev V0.3
15 MB