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CRB V2.0 Free Download For Windows Computer...

Hi everyone!
I made this application to make it easier for people to build a custom ROM. Still being in beta release, any feedback is welcome!

The new version was created from scratch, to be better performing, more flexible, and easier to be updated. It supports Android 10 and has many more features than the previous one.

Features CRB Tool:

  • Supports files format zip, 7z, jar, tar, ozip, md5, img,, dat, payload.bin, super.img.
  • Custom Image for build image with all the options available.
  • APKTool a tool for reverse engineering Android apk files.
  • Debloater for removing and restore apps with only one click.
  • Deodex for deodexing Android's stock ROM.
  • Zipalign for optimizes RAM usage.
  • APK Drag & drop Updater.
  • Easy edit build.prop and updater-script.
  • Remove Knox automatically.
  • Auto-generating updater-script.
  • Converting file_contexts.bin to standard text.
  • RAMDisk for build only ramdisk image.
  • Case Sensitive files support.
  • Build a custom Android data image.
  • Output formats img, new.dat,, lz4.tar.
  • Remove DM-Verity.
  • Supporting Android 10.
  • log for all tasks.

Thanks, Note:
JamFlux for knowledge exchange.
Hyper.Alvi for tips and tests.
Duy Minh for the Vietnamese language.
Fazri Arrashyi Putra for the Indonesian language.

apktool - Connor Tumbleson and Ryszard Wisniewski
Linux - Xiangyan Sun
sDat2Img - Andrei Conacher
sefcontext_parser - Jake Valletta
Brotli - Jyrki Alakuijala and Zolt├ín Szabadka
BusyBox - Denys Vlasenko
Magiskboot - John Wu (topjohnwu)
vdexExtractor - Anestis Bechtsoudis
compact_dex_converter - fOmey
7-Zip - Igor Pavlov
LZ4 - Yann Collet
UberApkSigner - Patrick Favre-Bulle
make_ext4fs - SuperR. for initial repository and anpaza for update it.
RMVerity - SuperR.
Img2sDat - Andrei Conache
Smali/Baksmali - Ben Gruver
Payload_Dumper - ius
ImgExtractor - unix3dgforce and blackeange
tune2fs and resize2fs - Google
OmcTextDecoder - fei-ke
AAPT - Google
Notepad++ - Don Ho
Decrypt Oppo - Bjoern Kerler

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Windows 64-bit Platform
.NET Framework 4.7.2

App Details:

NameCRB APK ROM Editor
Size75 MB
DeveloperXDA Team
Require SystemWindows 7, Higher
CategoryAPK Tool

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