VIVO Y91c DA File For Flashing, FRP, Unlock Mobile Free Download

VIVO Y91c DA (Download Agent) File Free Download Working 100%

Today we are sharing tested Vivo Y91c download agent file for FRP unlock or firmware flashing. If you are a user of the latest Vivo Y91c Smartphone and now trying to install stock firmware or FRP unlock by using any MTK tool then definitely you will get DA file failed error.

At the time of loading the firmware file of Vivo Y91c mobile, if the tool is asking to put the correct DA file then don’t think that your firmware file is corrupted.  Basically, this error directly related to the DA file which comes with every MTK flash tool. But in case, default DA file is not compatible with your MTK device then it will show the same error. To resolve this issue, you need to use a custom da file in place of the default DA file.

Probably you may know that nowadays most of all android Smartphone comes with secure boot feature. Just because of this new secure boot feature, the default DA file of tools can’t work properly.
So replace the DA file of your MTK tool with a new Vivo Y91c custom Download Agent secure boot file and flash your device without any error.
After getting too many quarries about DA File mismatch in the sp flash tool for Vivo Y91c mobile, the developer starts their work and released a custom Download agent file for Vivo Y91c MTK phone. It’s must to know that Vivo Y91c secure boot DA file is tool-specific and works on specific Mediatek flash tool.
In this post, we are sharing a universal custom DA file for Vivo Y91c and you can use it with an sp flash tool, miracle tool, NCK dongle, and CM2 box, etc.

What Is MTK Secure Boot DA File?

Maybe you know that Latest Mediatek increased complexity in flashing firmware like sign.img and secure boot. So now it’s not as simple to flash device directly. Das is strategic following the increase in the need for boxes and dongles to perform a task, even in the use of an Sp flash tool for FRP unlock.
In short, if you are trying to flash any MTK phone which has a secure boot feature, the tool will show Da File MisMatch error” or “Authentication error” or “Buffer error” etc. As a solution, we have to use a custom Da file or custom download agent file insist on default da file which comes with MTK tools.

Why you Need To use Custom DA Secure Boot File For Vivo Y91c

Vivo Y91c Smartphone is based on MediaTek MT6765 chipset which comes with a secure boot feature. That why we can’t flash it directly with default DA files. During the flashing or FRP unlocking using the SP flash tool, it will show authentication error or buffer errors. Similarly, CM2 box, Miracle tool, NCK dongle will show secure boot! Error.
Because of this Vivo Y91c DA file is important to perform the error-free process.

Download VIVO Y91C DA File

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