Alseery Tools Android V1.0 - Minor Bug Fix | Free Download | 255 MB

A great tool to interact with Android phones, Siri Tools. It is a free program and includes many features that help Android phone programmers to solve phone problems from root, Arabization, decode and skip Google account after formatting, as well as many of the features supported by the program. Below is an explanation of the features and methods of using Alseery Android Tools.

About the program 

Alseery Android Tools is a ".bat" file or tool. It performs many operations to deal with Android phones using ADB commands.
The program makes it easy for most Android phone programmers to search for files, root, and unlock the unlock sim code. A program that supports most Android phones and contains interfaces, each interface contains specific commands.

The root interface: Supports rooted in various Android phones: -

Root using Kingroot in 4 different ways.
Root using Safe Root.
Root Verizon New phones.
Root LG with adb mode for Android versions 4.x, as well as root mode for Download mode for Lollipop versions 5.x.
Root VRootMainV9.
Root Superuser.
Check ROOT.

Samsung interface : It contains many options to deal with Samsung Galaxy phones: -

Localization of "Add Arabic Language" to all Samsung phones Arabic One Click without root and with a click of a button from Android 5.x Lollipop to Android Oreo 8.x version.
Fix Active Sprint wireless speaker notification issue.
SPC MSL Android 6.x 7.x readers are rooted and SPC MSL NO ROOT.
Fix Reboot Sprint - Samsung Sprint.
Enter Samsung phones to download mode by clicking the Download Mode button.
Solve the network problem for modern Samsung phones after decoding Fix Network S8
Test Mode.
Bypass google account by setting adb for samsung phones frp google account.
Activate Diag All Samsung phones.
Fix EFS file problems.
Decode Unlock SIM J100VPP.
Install GT SYSTEM app within system apps.
Install the TD Unlock app to read the spc and decode some Samsung models.
Activate the Hidden Menu, and the ON - OFF Hidden Menu, and close it.
Samsung LOG VERIZON Sprint details, Verizon and Sprint.

LG interface : used to deal with various LG phones.

Read SPC MSL all backhaul phones.
Activate MTP + Adb.
Activating the Diag Mode for all LG phones in four different ways.
Solve the problem of activating the wireless speaker.
The introduction of the LG phones, the Download Mode.
Skip the google account for all LG phones, Android 5.0, by using the download mode.
Activate the Hidden menu.

ZTE interface : This interface supports many ways to interact with most ZTE phones:

Many ZTE phones have introduced EDL Mode as well as boot loader.
Format by using wipe data adb.
Solve the problem of activation and annoying security logos in two ways.
adb shell reboot disemmcwp.
Decode Zte Sprint phones.
Emode Network.

HTC Interface : It supports various procedures to deal with HTC phones  :

Activate the Diag.
Decode Unlock Sim Zte Sprint phones.
Skip google account with adb mode.

Fast Boot Interface : To deal with Android phones that support FastBoot mode:

Fastboot oem unlock bot loader.
Shutdown Re lock Bootloader.
Exit Fastboot Mode.
Enter the phone Edl mode from the list of fastbots.
Format the phone by Format Fastboot.

Tools interface : This interface supports many features, including:

Enter the phone into (Recovery - Bootloader - Fastboot - Download - Reboot) mode.
Wipe / Data format.
Format Fastboot.
Install ARABIC.
Bypass the Unlock Gmail account.
Bypass screen lock and Unlock Pin pattern.
Delete Rm / language.xml.
Skip Google account FRP LENOVO Lenovo phones.
Format Phone.
Read and write phone sectors (need root).
Install the Morlocal app.
Install the disk info application.
Install all Android apps used by smartphone programmers for SPC reading, decoding, etc.

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