M.A Team Tool v4.0 Free Download - No Need Activation

M.A Team Tool V4.0 is a small application for windows computer created by M.A Team, which allows you to flash, Unlocking, Rooting, and more on your devices running on MediaTek chipsets.

Features MA TEAM TOOL V4.0:


  • 1-Arabic 
  • Arabic 10.xx   
  • Arabic 9.xx  
  • Arabic 8.xx  
  • Arabic 7.xx  
  • Arabic 6.xx  
  • Arabic 5.xx    
  • Arabic Keyborad   
  • Change Arabic More local

2-Unlock SIM 

  • Unlock SIM Verizon 
  • Unlock SIM Sprint (SU)
  • Unlock SIM ChinaTelecom
  • Unlock SIM ChinaTelecom (SU)
  • Unlock SIM T-Mobile (SU)
  • Unlock SIM MetroPcs

3-Remove App

  • Remove App Verizon
  • Remove App Sprint
  • Remove App ATT & T
  • Remove App T-Mobile
  • Remove App Amazon
  • Remove App ChineTelecom

4-Change CSC

  • ChangeCSC 10.xx
  • ChangeCSC 9.xx
  • ChangeCSC 8.xx

5-Remove ScreenLock

  • Remove Screen Lock (No Root)
  • Restore SystemUI
  • Remove Screen Lock (With Root)
  • Fix Reboot Bootloop

Part Samsung

1-Format By modem Port
2-Reboot Recovery Modem Port
3-Reboot Download mode Modem Port
4-Fix 3G Sprint modem Port
5-Zero SPC Serial Port
6-Bypass Frp (Exynos-CPU)
7-Bypass Frp (Exynos-CPU) method-2
8-Bypass Frp VZW Modem Port


Part LG Phones

1-Open Port LG Phones
2-Skip Lock Screen (modem - Serial) Port
3-Format Or wipe Data (modem Port)
4-Reboot Download Mode modem port
5-Open Hidde menu modem Port
6-Zero SPC Serial Port
7- Enable ADB Modem Port
8-Modem Reset Modem Port
9-Enable Diag Modem Port
10-Unlock Lg Sprint With ADB


  • Unlock Download Mode TracFone (SU)
  • FRP Google ADB
  • Change Network CDMA
  • Change Network GSM
  • Change Arabic


  • Unlock And Fix SIM LG X210 And ALL
  • Fix Hand Free LG
  • Fix Hand Free LG New Stylo5
  • Enable DIAG
  • Add APN
  • APP Shortcut
  • APP Hidden Menu
  • Enable Unknown Source


  • 1-Unlock
  • Reboot EDL
  • Unlock SIM ZTE MTK
  • Unlock SIM ZTE Sprint
  • 2-Bypass Google Account ZTE


  • ZTE N9521
  • ZTE N9131
  • ZTE N9560
  • ZTE N9517
  • ZTE N9518
  • ZTE N9519
  • ZTE N9132
  • ZTE N9136
  • ZTE N9137
  • ZTE Z963U
  • ZTE Z833
  • ZTE Z982


1-ANS UL40
FRP Google
2-ANS UL50
FRP Google


1-Remove FRP Code PWD
3-FRP Fastboot Old and New
5-Unlock SIM MTK


2-Add DST APN App
3-Edit APN
4-3G (ROOT)
5-Change Network CDMA
6-Change Network GSM


1-Info Selected
2-Format User Data
3-unlock Selected
4-Reboot EDL
5-Reboot Home
6-OEM Unlock
7-Zero Modem

(Fastboot Unlock SIM)

  1. OnePlus

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