UMT Dongle Sharing Details | How Much For Sharing Dongle | Advanced Payment Only 1.50$

Hello friends, how are you all today? This post is going to be very interesting. Because I am going to talk about you in this post, about the sharing features of the UMT tool. So let's start, I feel very good to tell you that I will share my dongle with all of you for very little money. Now you feel that this is what happened, then I will tell you that if I share the tool for free, then the visitors will give me a lot and it will be disturbing me and I will not be able to work either To access this tool you have to make an advance payment so that I can activate this dongle as the validity of my dongle has expired.

This service will be started from a new year but advanced payment will be taken from today itself. Therefore, payment details will be given to all of you, you can pay there. While making payment, please tell your mobile number and email id so that when this service starts, we can tell you.

How Much Money to share UMT?

  • You have to be registered in this program for this service.
  • You need to make an advanced payment to register.
  • When you are registered with this program, you will be given details to share the UMT dongle.
  • The person making an advanced payment will have to pay 50 rupees (0.50$ Dollar).
  • Those who do not give advanced payment will have to pay 100 rupees (1.50$ Dollar).
  • And advanced payment will have to be given for 100 rupees(1.50$ Dollar).
And one important thing is that you will not use the options with auth service and credit balance in this tool.

Service Features:-

  1. The advance payment will be 50% discount every time.
  2. Every day a visitor will be given access twice.
  3. Those who do not make advanced payment will have to pay the full amount and they will be given access once a day.

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