Miracle Box 3.02 Extract Xtm.dll File Trick & tips - Working 100%

Miracle Box 3.02 is a crack tool by GSM-X-TEAM and available for purchase. but today it was a simple trick for extract the xtm.dll file from this crack software. this method extracts the xtm.dll file and you can analyze how is a crack is working. if you use your mind in depth then you have simply cracked this tool. I'm not sharing the full trick but I gave you hints, how you crack this tool and bypass the HWID screen. I'm sharing all tools you need for this below. 

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Download Required Software?

  1. OllyDBG V1.1.0 Modified
  2. Process Hacker
  3. PE-Sieve V0.2.7.1
  4. ALLDLLDeps binX32

👇Video Updated!!!

All process needs some passion and fresh mind. if you learn this in a topic you can many ideas how to reverse any software or how it work. and I'm also sharing this all trick for learning purpose, not for money. because everyone needs some software information because in the future hackers are trying to hack your computer. you realize how is done and hack your pc.

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  1. thanks
    can plz upload ( cracker kit 2020 by Gheboycell)
    and setup miracle Miracle Box 3.02

    1. chrome-extension://bigefpfhnfcobdlfbedofhhaibnlghod/mega/secure.html#!ekpizKgA!1S1mAEJVRKkiQv-fb2oHj2sFUMtxnhQzinpGAgzcMW0

  2. you mean after extract Dump File Replace dll and exe to setup folder ??


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