EMT v3.15.00 Released | MTK | VIVO | Xiaomi Added New Function

EMT v3.15.00 Released | FREE DOWNLOAD

EME Mobile Tool (EMT) standard - is a professional tool for operating Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo phones based on Qualcomm and MTK processors, which is more friendly and easier to use. It has powerful features and supports many models including Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, Qualcomm, Mediatek, Android, and other popular models, supported by Qualcomm, Mediatek, and other chips. 

The manufacturer assures that the software is regularly updated, making sure that it supports more brands, models, and systems. They thoroughly test each module and function to make sure they are optimal. 

EMT has a number of advanced features that have been developed primarily for the evidence acquisition market and the mobile phone maintenance market. 

Main EMT functions, including: disabling / enabling screen lock, reading / reset / backup / restoring screen lock, reset to factory settings, reading / viewing user data (contacts / SMS / connections / multimedia files / third party application), read / delete / write partitions and other related functions.
It can be said that the biggest feature of EMT is that you do not need many years of professional technicians to quickly use it. Using EMT is as easy as "1-2-3" - regardless of whether you are new to the mobile phone industry or are already a veteran. Just download the software and start working.

Changelog !!!

Improved the stability of MTK Module Special tab functions (Supported to MTK Dimensity 1200), Supported No Auth / No Credits / OneKey Factory Reset, Reset FRP, Erase Userdata/FRP, Unlock / Relock Bootloader, Auth Service, Flash, etc functions!

Added Xiaomi Blackshark 4/4S/4PRO/4SPRO, Redmi NOTE 11_4G etc models, Supported Flash, Factory Reset, Reset FRP etc functions!

Added VIVO Y50T, Y20T etc models, Supported Factory Reset, Reset FRP etc functions!



No Auth / No Credits / OneKey
CPU's Supported All Brands Models:

MT6735, MT6737, MT6739, MT6750, MT6753, MT6755, MT6757, MT6758, MT6761, MT6762, MT6763, MT6765, MT6768, MT6771, MT6779, MT6785, MT6781, MT6785, MT6795, MT6797, MT6799, MT6833, MT6853, MT6873, MT6875, MT6877, MT6883, MT6885, MT6889, MT6893, MT6891Z, MT6893

- Factory Reset
- Reset FRP
- Erase Userdata/FRP
- Unlock Bootloader
- Relock Bootloader
- Authentication Service
- Flash


Need Auth Service (For Find Device is OFF)
Following Models by EDL Mode:
Read Info, Flash, Read/Erase/Write Partition, Factory Reset, Reset FRP, Partition File Manager

No Auth / No Credits

Following Models by Flash Mode:

Read Info, Flash, Read/Erase/Write Partition, Factory Reset, Reset FRP, Reset ID, Partition File Manager
TIPS: If phone relock after network connect, need to install VPN and disable the xiaomi etc apk network first!


Following Models by EDL Mode:
Factory Reset, Reset FRP, Reset ID
- Y50T (PD2023E)
- Y20T (PD2093F)


- Added "Erase Userdata/FRP" function for MTK Module, Supported Onekey Factory Reset/Reset FRP
- Improved the stability of MTK Module Special tab functions
- Improved "Factory Reset" function for Huawei module
- Improved "Factory Reset (Meta)" function for each module
- Fixed Reset FRP bugs for VIVO Y30, Y20, IQOO U1X etc models
- Fixed Known bugs


How to use the "Special" tab function of MTK Module:
1.Install MTK drivers (Home > Drivers)
2.Uninstall UsbDk Runtime Libraries (If installed already)
3.Install UsbDk Runtime Libraries (Home > Tools)
4.Reboot pc and then try again

Download Link:

Google Drive | MEGA - 326.4 MB

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