How to Reset the Latest Canon iP2770/2700 (FREE)

Reset the Latest Canon iP2770/2700 With Free Tool

If you don't know how to reset canon iP2770, please download resetter canon iP2770/2700 for free. You can use this canon printer reset software to restore a canon ip2770/2700 printer that has an error like " ink absorber almost full ", " error 5200 ", or " error 5B00 ". alternate.

The Canon iP2770 printer is an old but very popular printer, it is proven that until now the Canon iP2770 is still using it. With a very affordable price and a pretty good quality printer, it is very suitable for home printers.

Like other types of printers, the Canon iP2770 also often experiences problems such as not being detected, not responding, turning on but offline, not being detected, and so on. Problems like this are usually caused by several non-technical things. To solve this problem, you can try one way, namely how to reset the canon IP 2770 printer using the service tool v3400.

How to Reset Canon iP2770/2700

There are several ways to reset the Canon iP2770 printer both online and offline. To do this, you must understand how to reset the Canon iP2770 printer properly and correctly. Doing a printer reset means that you have returned the printer to its original settings. Here are some tutorials on how to reset canon ip2770/2700.

Reset Canon iP2770 manually/Without Software

  • Please turn on the computer, then connect the Canon IP2770 printer to the computer.
  • Turn off the printer, but do not unplug the printer power cord from the power source.
  • Then, press the “ Resume ” button for about 2 seconds. Then press the “ Power ” button without releasing the “ Resume ” button.
  • Wait until the indicator light turns green. Then slowly release the " Resume " button .
  • With the “ Power ” button still pressed. Please press the " Resume " button 5 times. And make sure the position of the " Power " button is still pressed.
  • Pay attention to the printer indicator light. The light will turn orange and green alternately.
  • Next, release the “ Resume ” button and the “ Power ” button at the same time.
  • Wait a moment. The indicator light will flash (blink). And a few moments finally the indicator light will turn green.
  • look on the computer will be detected a new device. Ignore it.
  • Thus the Canon iP2770 Printer is already in " Service Mode ". and usually the printer can already be used to print.
  • Done.

Attention : It is necessary for you to know that this manual reset method will not permanently fix printer errors. So if you turn off the printer by unplugging the printer power cable from the power source, the Canon IP2770 printer will experience an error (blinking).

To reset the canon ip2770 printer permanently, you can use the help of the canon service tool ip2770 software. The method is also very easy, you can see the tutorial below.

How to Reset Canon iP2770 Using Software Service Tool 

  • Make sure the Canon iP2770/2700 printer is in " Service Mode ". (The trick, follow the tutorial on how to reset ip2770 manually above).
  • Prepare several sheets of paper in the printer. Then turn on the printer, this paper will be used as a test print in the reset process.
  • Open the canon ip2770 resetter application by clicking the " Service tool v3400.exe " file.
  • Once open, change the “ Clear Ink Counter ” option to “ Main ”. Then click the " Set " button.
  • Then, change the “ Ink Absorber Counter ” option to “ Main ”. Then click the " Set " button.
  • Next, click the “ EEPROM ” button to start the printer reset process. The printer will do a print test, just wait for it to finish.
  • After the reset process is complete, please turn off the printer and then turn it back on. Then please test the printer to print the document, and see the results if the printer has returned to normal.

By doing a reset on the Canon printer, then you can solve the problem of the printer experiencing errors caused by the printer's EEPROM IC being full.

That's a short tutorial on how to reset the Canon iP2770/2700 printer using the latest Canon Service Tool Reset program. Good luck.

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