Download MiFlash (XAST Client) v1.5.0

MiFlash (XAST_Client) v1.5.0 has recently been released, bringing with it some new and improved features. This tool is designed for flashing Xiaomi devices and is especially useful for new UFS devices. The latest version of MiFlash includes an improved Token Login function, which should make the flashing process even smoother.

In addition to MiFlash, the XAST Toolkit v1.5.0 has also been released. This toolkit has several useful features for users, including Auth Flash and Skip Auth Flash, Read Fastboot Info, Download Firmware, Check MiCloud Status, Install QC Driver, Check User Account Statement, Change New Password, and Generate One-Time Token.

One of the standout features of XAST Toolkit v1.5.0 is the addition of a One-Time Token Generator. This allows users to generate a unique, one-time token that can be used for authentication during the flashing process.

Another notable addition to XAST Toolkit is the Direct Flash in Firehose mode, which allows users to flash their device without using authentication. To use this feature, users simply need to uncheck the 'Use Auth' box.

It's worth noting that if you encounter an Auth Fail or any other error during the flashing process, you can switch to XAST Toolkit to continue flashing for free. Simply uncheck the 'Use Auth' box to bypass the authentication process.

Overall, MiFlash (XAST_Client) v1.5.0 and XAST Toolkit v1.5.0 offer a range of useful features for users who need to flash their Xiaomi devices. Whether you're looking to bypass authentication or generate a one-time token, these tools have you covered. To download the latest version of XAST Toolkit, head to

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