iCloud Bypass iOS 16.x: Unlock iCloud Activation Locked Screen on iPhone & iPad

iCloud Bypass iOS 16.x: Unlock iCloud Activation Locked Screen on iPhone & iPad

iCloud Activation Lock is a feature introduced by Apple to deter theft and protect users' personal data. However, it can be a nightmare for those who forget their iCloud password or buy a used device with a locked screen. 

The Checkm8 exploit, discovered in 2019, is still one of the most reliable methods to unlock iCloud on A8 to A11 devices. It involves exploiting a vulnerability in the bootrom, a read-only memory chip that controls the device's initial boot-up process. However, not all users are tech-savvy enough to perform the Checkm8 exploit, and not all devices are compatible with it. 

One of the most popular and stable software to bypass iCloud on iOS 16.x is iRemoval Pro for Windows. This tool can bypass the iCloud lock and activate the carrier network, allowing the device to work as a new iPhone or iPad with 3G or 4G connectivity. iRemoval Pro uses a similar process as checkra1n jailbreak, called RamDisk tools, to exploit the Checkm8 vulnerability.

For Mac users, the SMD tool is a reliable option to bypass iCloud on iOS 16.x. It can also activate the carrier network and make the device work as new. SMD tool is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

Another tool that can bypass iCloud on A8 to A11 devices is Lpro, available for both Windows and Mac. However, Lpro does not support carrier network activation, and the phone cannot make calls. If the device has a passcode lock, Lpro can bypass it and activate the device, but without calls.

Therefore, it is advisable to exhaust all legitimate options to unlock iCloud, such as contacting the previous owner, contacting Apple Support, or using the Find My app to reset the password.

In conclusion, if you have a device with an iCloud activation locked screen on iOS 16.x, there are still ways to bypass it. iRemoval Pro for Windows and SMD tool for Mac are two of the most stable and reliable software to do so.

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