New PotatoNV Unlocking Huawei Kirin CPUs And FRP Added -2023 (FREE)

PotatoNV Extra: Unlocking Huawei Kirin CPUs for Enhanced Performance -2023

PotatoNV Extra, developed by Techno Fayez, is an innovative tool designed to unlock the full potential of various Huawei Kirin CPUs. This article will provide an overview of the supported CPUs, highlight the latest features introduced in the tool, and outline the necessary requirements for utilizing its capabilities.

Supported CPUs:

PotatoNV Extra offers compatibility with a range of Huawei Kirin CPUs, including:

  • Kirin 620
  • Kirin 650
  • Kirin 655
  • Kirin 658
  • Kirin 659
  • Kirin 710 By Techno Fayez
  • Kirin 810 By Techno Fayez
  • Kirin 925
  • Kirin 935
  • Kirin 950
  • Kirin 955 By Techno Fayez
  • Kirin 960
  • Kirin 970 By Techno Fayez
It's important to note that certain CPUs are not compatible with PotatoNV Extra. These include the 
  • 710A, 
  • 710F, 
  • 980, 
  • 985, 
  • 990, and any newer models.

New Features:

PotatoNV Extra introduces several exciting features to enhance the user experience. Let's take a closer look at what's new:

New Bootloader Support:

The tool now supports additional bootloaders, enabling a wider range of devices to benefit from PotatoNV Extra's capabilities. The inclusion of new bootloaders expands the possibilities for unlocking and optimizing Huawei Kirin CPUs.

FRP Removal and Reboot After Unlock:

When using PotatoNV Extra, users can conveniently remove Factory Reset Protection (FRP) and experience a seamless unlocking process. The tool also offers the option to automatically reboot the device after unlocking, saving time and simplifying the overall operation.

Enhanced Visual Interface:

PotatoNV Extra introduces a fresh and intuitive user interface, providing a visually appealing experience for users. The tool's updated look enhances usability and makes navigating its features more enjoyable.


To make use of PotatoNV Extra, you will need the following steps:


Please check are you installed the HUAWEI USB COM 1.0 USB Driver on your computer. This driver facilitates communication between your Huawei device and the PotatoNV Extra tool.

Access to the Hardware Test Point:

To unlock the full potential of your Huawei Kirin CPU, you will need to access the hardware test point on your device. Simply search for the specific test point for your phone model on Google, such as "Honor 6x Test point," to locate the necessary information.

Download Link

Download - PotatoNV New 2023


PotatoNV Extra, developed by Techno Fayez, offers an exciting solution for unlocking and optimizing Huawei Kirin CPUs. With support for a wide range of Kirin processors, new features like FRP removal and reboot after unlock, as well as a refreshed visual interface, PotatoNV Extra provides a comprehensive toolset for users seeking enhanced performance from their Huawei devices. Ensure you meet the necessary requirements and explore the possibilities of this innovative tool.

(Note: The mention of the Github project "mashed-potatoes" and "Andrey Smirnoff Github" is unclear in the context provided and has not been incorporated into the article.)

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