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UnlockTool 2023.06.20.0: Enhanced Features and Bug Fixes for Seamless Device Management

UnlockTool, the leading device management and unlocking tool, has released its latest update, version 2023.06.20.0. Many new features updates, and bug fixes are solved in this release, which improves the tool's ability to be used. Let us discuss the main changes in this edition.

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Features and Improvements:

OPPO IMEI MTK 4G: Auto Patch Cert Support:

UnlockTool now provides automatic patching of CERT files for OPPO devices with MTK 4G chipsets. This feature has been extended to support models such as 
  • Oppo A16, 
  • Oppo A16S, 
  • Oppo A16K, 
  • Oppo A54, 
  • Oppo A17. 
Users can seamlessly resolve IMEI-related issues and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity on their devices.

Samsung: New FRP Removal Method:

UnlockTool introduces a new method to remove FRP on Samsung devices. By dialing the emergency number #0#, users can enable ADB and successfully remove FRP. This new approach streamlines the FRP removal process and ensures greater convenience for Samsung device users.

MTK UNIVERSAL: Factory Reset (Quick Format 2) Support:

UnlockTool now supports the latest versions of Android for performing factory resets with the Quick Format 2 option on MTK Universal devices. Users can efficiently reset their devices while enjoying compatibility with the latest Android versions.

MTK UNIVERSAL: Improved Flash File Options for OPPO:

UnlockTool has enhanced the option to flash scatter/OFP files for OPPO devices on MTK Universal. This improvement ensures better compatibility and reliability when working with OPPO devices.

Unlock Bootloader: Oppo Mediatek New Security Support:

UnlockTool continues to expand its bootloader unlocking capabilities by introducing support for Oppo devices with Mediatek chips featuring new security measures. Users can now unlock the bootloader on their Oppo devices with ease and convenience.

Apple Devices:

UnlockTool now supports Ramdisk iPad Boot on iOS 16.4.x-16.5.x, providing a booting solution without the risk of bootloop. This feature has been thoroughly tested and is compatible with various iPad models, including the 
  • iPad (5th generation), 
  • iPad (6th generation), 
  • iPad (7th generation), 
  • iPad Pro (9.7-inch),
  • iPad Pro (10.5-inch). 
Users can download the Ramdisk iPad file to enjoy a seamless booting experience.

Bug Fixes:

UnlockTool has addressed the bug causing the "Syncing with the device...FAIL Code: 0xFFFF" error in MediaTek Universal. Users can now utilize the functionalities of MediaTek Universal without any interruptions, ensuring a smooth device management process.

To benefit from these enhanced features and bug fixes, update your UnlockTool to version 2023.06.20.0. UnlockTool continues to prioritize user satisfaction by delivering robust solutions for device management and unlocking needs. Stay tuned for future updates as UnlockTool evolves to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry.

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