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Eclipse Flash Tool v1.8 - A Complete Tool for Flashing, Controlling, Testing, and Bypassing Android Smartphones

The Eclipse Flash Tool v1.8 is an all-in-one solution for multiple features related to flashing, controlling, testing, and bypassing smartphones. We're going to examine the tools and features of this active tool in the following article, focusing on creating it and its practical use.

Features of Eclipse Flash Tool v1.8

  • Flashing capabilities: Eclipse Flash Tool can flash Samsung devices, devices in fastboot mode, and devices that require SP Flash Tool.
  • ADB integration: Eclipse Flash Tool can perform actions through ADB, including button presses, rebooting into recovery and fastboot mode, accessing the ADB terminal, logging logcat for debugging, screen mirroring and remote control (in beta), copying files to the device, and installing APKs on the device.
  • Samsung FRP bypass: Eclipse Flash Tool can bypass Samsung FRP locks.
  • Change CSC for Samsung devices: Eclipse Flash Tool can change the CSC code for Samsung devices.
  • Enable mobile data toggle: Eclipse Flash Tool can enable the mobile data toggle for Samsung devices.
  • List device information: Eclipse Flash Tool can list device information, such as the device name, model number, Android version, and security patch level.
  • iDevice menu (new in v1.8): The iDevice menu allows users to power off, deep sleep, list all apps, display device information, read crash reports, install IPAs, enter and exit recovery mode, set the device name, spoof location, mount disk images, and perform other actions on iOS devices.

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Added ADB and Fastboot terminal support (click the checkbox in the bottom-right corner to toggle)


New UI look
Fixed some bugs


Added ADB quick buttons (Power Off, Volume Up, Volume Down, Screenshot, Logcat), click the checkbox in the bottom-right corner to toggle


Added more ADB quick buttons (Lock / Unlock device, Back Button, Home Button, App Switcher Button, ScreenMirror+RemoteControl[BETA])
Added APK installer and file copy field (Check both checkboxes to toggle)


Added multiple file support for Odin flash mode
Added Samsung FRP bypass option
Fixed some bugs


Added a Toolbar
The program now displays information about your computer in the console
Added Reset button for Odin files
Fixed some bugs


Added change CSC for Samsung phones
Added option to enable mobile data toggle
Added option to display information about your device
Made a slight design change


Added iDevice menu (can be accessed from Actions -> iDevice Menu)

How to use Eclipse Flash Tool v1.8

To use Eclipse Flash Tool v1.8, follow these steps:

  1. Open Eclipse Flash Tool as an administrator.
  2. You should click YES if you don't have the following drivers installed:
  3. MediaTek USB drivers
  4. ADB USB driver
  5. Samsung USB driver
  6. If you have all of these drivers installed click NO
  7. Choose the operation that you need to operate.
  8. Select the flashing type and flashing mode.
  9. If necessary, select the files you want to flash.
  10. Click on the Flash button at last to flash your device.

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