Download Tool (Oppo, OnePlus) No Need Login OTP -2023

Unlocking OxygenOS/ColorOS with the EDL DownloadTool and OTP Bypass - 2023

Unlocking and restoring your device to OxygenOS/ColorOS can be achieved using the EDL DownloadTool, a Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attack, and OTP Bypass. Setting up your crack environment and flashing your device are both covered in detail in this article. Please be aware that this method includes some technical skills with operating systems based on Unix and networking.


Internet access in your local network.
Linux VM or Mac on the same network.
Windows PC (if you don't use Windows, you can install it on an external SSD).
Basic understanding of networking (local IP addresses) and familiarity with Unix OSes (Linux or macOS).

Disclaimer: This guide involves an MITM attack, which may have legal and ethical implications. Ensure you have the necessary permissions and are using this guide responsibly.

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  • Download Tool -2023 || HERE

Setting Up Your Crack Environment:

Install MitmProxy on your Linux/Mac from

Install Proxifier on your Windows PC from

Find your Linux/Mac local IP address (usually starts with 192.168).

Proxifier setup on Windows PC:

Open Proxifier and click "Profile -> Proxy servers." Use your Mac/VM local IP, port 8080, and select HTTPS protocol. Click OK.
Click "Profile -> Proxification rules." Set the "Default" rule to action "Proxy HTTPS 192.168..." to redirect all network traffic to the proxy.
Click "Add..." and locate the DownloadTool.exe file in the "Applications" section. Set the action to "Proxy HTTPS 192.168..." and click OK.
Install the MITM attack certificates:

Start the proxy on your Linux/Mac using the mitmweb command.
On your Windows PC, visit and follow the instructions to install the MITM certificate.
Return to Proxifier on Windows:

Click "Profile -> Proxification rules." Set the "Default" rule to action "Proxy." Now, you will only redirect traffic from DownloadTool to the proxy.
Flashing Your Device:

Open your Linux/Mac terminal and navigate to the directory containing Execute mitmdump -s

Launch DownloadTool.exe, enter anything in ID/PASS/OTP and click login. You should see requests appearing in your Linux/Mac terminal. If this doesn't happen or login fails, check your proxy settings.

Select your EDL package folder, click "flash," and then click "stop flashing." Enable "Default NV" and click "Start flashing."

Plug your device into EDL mode, and it will start the flashing process.

Once flashing is complete, unplug your device. It will boot up automatically.

Tested on:

This method has been successfully tested on an Indian OnePlus 11 (CPH2447) for various firmware packages, including CPH2447_A07 and CPH2449_GPDR_A09. OTA updates, such as CPH2449_GPDR A09 to A10, were performed without issues, avoiding boot loops. Auto brightness functions properly, and the device remains responsive and fast.

When using this method, please use caution and responsibility, and make sure you have the permissions and legal authority to execute these operations on your device.

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