RootHide Jailbreak with built-in jailbreak detection bypass

RootHide Jailbreak 1.0.2's first version fixed bugs that saved the jailbreak from working on some devices and from being seen by some apps. Also, it updated the RootHide Manager app and solved problems with the manager's specific languages' displays.

What is RootHide Jailbreak?

A simple jailbreak based on dopamine is called RootHide Jailbreak. Because it doesn't change apps, it is successful. To clean up junk files and hide the jailbreak from other apps, it also comes with an included manager app.

What's new!

The initial release of RootHide Jailbreak 1.0.2.
Fix for failure to bypass jailbreak detection on some devices.
Fixed the issue where jailbreak failed on some devices.
Updated RootHide Manager App.
Fixed the issue where the jailbreak success rate could not be displayed correctly.
Fixed some localized language display issues in RootHideManager.

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