Download Pandora Tool Pro V6.1 (Latest Version)

Pandora Major Update 6.1 Unleashes Powerful Features

The latest iteration of Pandora Tool Pro, version 6.1, comes packed with powerful features and expanded device compatibility, making it a must-have for mobile technicians and enthusiasts. Here's a rundown of the exciting new additions:

1. Mediatek DA Protocol Upgrade

Continuing its commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, Pandora Tool Pro 6.1 supports Mediatek DA protocol version 6, ensuring seamless communication with a variety of devices.

2. Extended CPU Support in Preloader Mode

The update introduces support for a range of new CPUs in Preloader mode, including cutting-edge processors like Helio G96, Helio G99, and various Dimensity series chips, such as 6100+, 7200, 8000, 8100, 8100-Ultra, 8200, 8200 Ultra, and 9000.

3. New Vivo Phones in Preloader Mode

Vivo users will benefit from expanded support for new models in Preloader mode, including Vivo X80, X80 Pro 5G, S15 Pro, V25e, V27 5G, iQOO Neo 7, V27 Pro, V29 Pro, and V27e.

4. Realme Phones Integration

Pandora Tool Pro 6.1 brings support for a variety of Realme phones, including the RMX series, covering models like 11X 5G, GT Neo3, 10 4G, 11 4G, 11 5G, Narzo 60X, and 11X 5G.

5. Enhanced Realme and Oppo Support in Preloader Mode

Realme and Oppo phone users will experience improved compatibility and performance in Preloader mode.

6. Full BROM and Preloader Mode Support for Motorola Moto E7 and E7 Power

Motorola Moto E7 and E7 Power users can now enjoy comprehensive support in both BROM and Preloader modes across various models.

7. OnePlus Phones Compatibility

Pandora Tool Pro 6.1 extends its support to OnePlus phones in Preloader mode, accommodating models like OnePlus 10R and OnePlus Nord 3 5G.

8. Infinix Mediatek Phones Integration

The update adds compatibility for a variety of new Infinix Mediatek phones, ensuring support for the latest models in the Infinix lineup.

9. Tecno Phones Galore

Pandora Tool Pro 6.1 includes extensive support for numerous Tecno phones, spanning both old and new models in the Phantom, Pop, Spark, Camon, and Pova series.

10. Unisoc Phones Integration

Users of Unisoc-powered devices, including Tecno and Infinix models, will benefit from added support in Pandora Tool Pro 6.1.

11. Bug Fixes and Overall Improvements

The update addresses and resolves various bugs, promising a smoother and more efficient user experience. Additionally, numerous overall improvements enhance the tool's functionality.

Pandora Tool Pro 6.1 is not just a tool; it's a comprehensive solution for unlocking and servicing a wide array of mobile devices. To explore these new features, update to version 6.1 and experience the enhanced capabilities firsthand.

What's New in Pandora V5.12?

  • Support for Vivo's New Security: Pandora V5.12 now boasts enhanced support for Vivo devices, including autodetect and repair capabilities.
  • Expanded Vivo Phone Support: The update includes support for a wide range of Vivo phones, making it compatible with the latest models such as PD2123 T1x 5G, PD2131 iQOO Z5x, PD2230 iQOO Z7i, and many more.
  • Infinix and Inoi Compatibility: Pandora V5.12 also extends its support to Infinix and Inoi smartphones, including models like Infinix X6517 and various Inoi models such as Inoi 7, Inoi Note 12, and more.
  • Itel Devices Integration: The update includes support for several Itel devices, including P662L Itel P40, P683L Itel P40 Plus, and A662L Itel A60, among others.
  • Lenovo Tablet Compatibility: Pandora V5.12 doesn't leave tablets behind. It now supports TB328FU and TB328XU from the Lenovo Tab M10 Gen 3 series, allowing technicians to handle tablet-related tasks more effectively.
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) Update: The user interface of Pandora has been updated for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  • Mediatek Read Phone Info Expansion: Pandora V5.12 now provides more comprehensive information about Mediatek-based devices, including detecting the real model name.
  • Bug Fixes: As with any software update, Pandora V5.12 includes various bug fixes to enhance its overall stability and reliability.

What's new Pandora Box v5.13

  • Fixed Critical issue
  • Minor UI Fixed
  • forced Close Fixed
  • Added New Models

DOWNLOAD LINK: Pandora Box 5.61 - Latest

DOWNLOAD LINK: Pandora Box 5.60


Download Link: Pandora Box 5.13 

Download Link

Supported Models

BrandModelSupported Features
VivoPD2123 T1x 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2123B T1x 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2123C T1x 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2123D T1x 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2123E T1x 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2130 S10eAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2130B S10eAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2131 iQOO Z5xAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2131B iQOO Z5xAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2131C iQOO Z5xAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2215F V25Autodetect, Repair
VivoPD2224 Y77 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2224BF Y77 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2224CF Y77 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2224F Y77 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2224GF Y77 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2224HF Y77 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2224IF Y77 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2230 iQOO Z7iAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2230F Y56 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2236BF Y02Autodetect, Repair
VivoPD2236CF Y02Autodetect, Repair
VivoPD2236DF Y02Autodetect, Repair
VivoPD2236F Y02Autodetect, Repair
VivoPD2236HF Y02aAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2236IF Y02tAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2236KF Y02tAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2238F iQOO Neo 7Autodetect, Repair
VivoPD2257F Y100Autodetect, Repair
VivoPD2257KF iQOO Z7 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2279F Y36 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2281F Y27Autodetect, Repair
VivoPD2281GF Y27 4GAutodetect, Repair
VivoPD2317F Y17sAutodetect, Repair
VivoV2068A Y31sAutodetect, Repair
VivoV2069BA Y75sAutodetect, Repair
VivoV2118 Y01Autodetect, Repair
VivoV2130 V23 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoV2130A S10eAutodetect, Repair
VivoV2131A iQOO Z5xAutodetect, Repair
VivoV2166 Y01aAutodetect, Repair
VivoV2202 V25 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoV2208 X80 LiteAutodetect, Repair
VivoV2213 Y02Autodetect, Repair
VivoV2214 Y16Autodetect, Repair
VivoV2217 Y02Autodetect, Repair
VivoV2225 Y56 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoV2230A Y35m 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoV2230EA iQOO Z7iAutodetect, Repair
VivoV2234 Y02aAutodetect, Repair
VivoV2236 Y02AAutodetect, Repair
VivoV2236A Y11 2023Autodetect, Repair
VivoV2237 V27eAutodetect, Repair
VivoV2238 Y22Autodetect, Repair
VivoV2239 Y100Autodetect, Repair
VivoV2248 Y36 5GAutodetect, Repair
VivoV2249 Y27 4GAutodetect, Repair
VivoV2279A Y35 PlusAutodetect, Repair
VivoV2302 Y27Autodetect, Repair
VivoV2310 Y17sAutodetect, Repair
InfinixX6517Autodetect, Repair
Inoi2 2021Autodetect, Repair
Inoi2 Lite 2021Autodetect, Repair
Inoi5 2021Autodetect, Repair
Inoi5 Lite 2021Autodetect, Repair
Inoi7 2020Autodetect, Repair
Inoi7 2021Autodetect, Repair
Inoi83Autodetect, Repair
InoiA22 LiteAutodetect, Repair
InoiA52 LiteAutodetect, Repair
InoiA62 LiteAutodetect, Repair
InoiA72Autodetect, Repair
InoiNote 12Autodetect, Repair
InoiinoiPadAutodetect, Repair
InoiinoiPad miniAutodetect, Repair
InoiinoiPad ProAutodetect, Repair
ItelP662L Itel P40Autodetect, Repair
ItelP683L Itel P40 PlusAutodetect, Repair
ItelA632W Itel A04Autodetect, Repair
ItelA662L Itel A60Autodetect, Repair
ItelA662LM Itel A60sAutodetect, Repair
ItelS665L, S665LN Itel S23Autodetect, Repair
LenovoTB328FUAutodetect, Repair
LenovoTB328XUAutodetect, Repair

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