ADB And MediaTek Tool By Dhia Harkati 2023

ADB And MediaTek Tool By Dhia Harkati

This tool is a must-have for any Android user. It allows you to connect to your device via USB cable or TCP/IP, transfer files between your device and PC, install and uninstall apps, access the shell, screen mirror, and more. Additionally, it supports MediaTek devices, allowing you to format, read, and dump partitions, remove FRP and Mi accounts, lock and unlock the bootloader, and more. The tool is integrated with the mtkclient open-source project.

Features ADB And MediaTek Tool By Dhia Harkati:


  • Connection options: USB, TCP/IP
  • List connected devices
  • Port:
  • Listening port:
  • Kill server
  • Start server

Other options:

  • Device info
  • Open URL (enter URL in box)
  • Shell access
  • Screen view
  • Reboot to [normal reboot, fastboot, bootloader, recovery]

App manager:

  • Install APK
  • List installed apps
  • List system apps
  • List 3rd-party apps
  • Uninstall app
  • Search specific package (enter a query inbox)

File transfer:

  • Pull file from phone to PC
  • Android path (enter location)
  • Push file from PC to phone
  • Android path to save file (need to enter location to save file)

MediaTek options:

  • Demo live remove (Oppo and Vivo)
  • Format user data (remove screen lock)
  • Secure boot bypass DAA/SLA
  • Backup IMEI
  • Restore IMEI
  • Full backup

Partition options:

  • Dump specific partition
  • Erase specific partition
  • Write partition
  • List partition entry

FRP/MI account:

  • Remove FRP
  • Format user data + FRP remove
  • Remove MI account

Bootloader options:

  • Lock bootloader
  • Unlock bootloader


To execute an operation, select the operation and click the "Start" button in the middle.


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