Download PixelFlasher Tool v6.9.6.0 (Latest Version)

PixelFlasher Tool v6.9.6.0 ( Free (Latest Version)

PixelFlasher is a GUI utility designed for flashing (updating) Pixel™ phones and possibly other Google™ devices. Acting as a user-friendly interface over adb/fastboot commands, it supports a range of features for non-Pixel devices as well. 


The self-contained executable does not require Python™ installation. The latest release (v6.9.6.0) includes bug fixes, recursive PIF import, otacerts checking, kernel list synchronization, improved exception handling, and AVBTool enhancements. 

PixelFlasher offers two modes: Basic and Expert. Basic mode suits most users, providing a simple click-and-go interface for tasks like boot.img management, flashing, and retaining root access with Magisk. It includes detailed device information, convenient links for downloads, and APK installations. 


Expert mode adds advanced features for experienced users, such as flashing custom ROMs, partition management, bootloader operations, and temporary root options. PixelFlasher ensures smooth operations with detailed console outputs, automatic updates, and robust troubleshooting support.

PixelFlasher Features:

  1. Basic Features:

    • Simple UI interface, click and go
    • Boot.img / init_boot.img management and automated Magisk patching
    • Avoid manual steps for extracting, transferring, patching, and flashing files
    • Retain SafetyNet / Play Integrity passing
    • Display details of boot.img (or init_boot.img)
    • Live boot from a choice of boot.img or patched image
    • Flash boot / init_boot image with data retention options
    • Flash to inactive slot
    • Display phone information (ID, hardware model, firmware, Magisk details, etc.)
    • Quick links to download Android platform tools or device firmware
    • Magisk Manager installation UI and Magisk Backup Manager
    • Manage Magisk settings, modules, and backups
    • Wireless Manager for adb wireless connection
    • Advanced features are hidden for a simpler interface
    • Support for Genymotion Scrcpy to mirror and control Android devices
    • Verbose console output and automatic program updates
    • Package (Application) Manager for app control and superuser permissions
  2. Expert Features:

    • Flash custom ROMs with or without patching boot / init_boot
    • Flash to both slots and change the active slot
    • Reboot to Recovery, Download, Safe Mode, etc.
    • Lock/unlock the bootloader and disable Magisk modules during bootloop
    • Apply and patch custom ROM images
    • Custom flash for various image types (bootloader, dtbo, product, radio, recovery, etc.)
    • Partition Manager for erasing and backing up partitions
  3. Usage:

    • Select Android™ Platform Tools
    • Detect connected devices and display device information
    • Select and process full OTA or factory image
    • Patch and flash boot.img or init_boot.img with Magisk
    • Flash phone in selected mode (Full OTA, Keep Data, Wipe All Data, Dry Run)
    • Monitor console output and generate support logs in case of trouble
    • Enable Expert Mode for additional advanced options and flashing capabilities

What's New in Release v6.9.6.0:

  1. Fixed Pyinstaller issue, thanks to PR from @cjshearer.
  2. PIF Import favorites can now import recursively, including subdirectories.
  3. Added Device | Check otacerts menu option to quickly check if the ROM is signed.
  4. Synced banned kernel list with @osm0sis published list.
  5. Improved exception handling.
  6. Improved debug messages for troubleshooting.
  7. Fixed timing issue for a corner case cleanup before unzipping is completed.
  8. AVBTool improvements.

Download Link:- PixelFlasher Tool

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