UAT PRO V166.01 [1st April 2024] New Samsung Qualcomm Models Update

UAT PRO V166.01 [1st April 2024] 

UAT PRO Update 166.01 for has added support for many new Samsung Galaxy phones, such as the Z Flip4, Z Fold4, S23 series, and others. Also, the update allows EDL mode to reset Factory Reset Protection to work around the KG lock (beta) on these phones. Plus, on some Huawei Mate and P60 series phones, the update fixes the chip damage issue and helps Huawei ID removal.

UAT PRO V166.01 Changelog

UAT PRO Version: 166.01

Release Notes:

ADDED - New Samsung Qualcomm Model by EDL with Following Support
Reset FRP - Format | Factory Reset
ADDED - Bypass KG lock Samsung by EDL - Beta, May not work on all models
  • SM-A235F BIT4 (Galaxy A23)
  • SM-A236E BIT5 (Galaxy A23 5G)
  • SM-A236U BIT4 (Galaxy A23 5G)
  • SM-A236W BIT4 (Galaxy A23 5G)
  • SM-A426U BIT7 (Galaxy A42 5G)
  • SM-A426W BIT7 (Galaxy A42 5G)
  • SM-A525F BIT6 (Galaxy A52)
  • SM-A526B BIT6 (Galaxy A52 5G)
  • SM-A526U BIT10 (Galaxy A52 5G)
  • SM-A526W BIT-A (Galaxy A52 5G)
  • SM-A705F BIT5 (Galaxy A70)
  • SM-A705MN BIT5 (Galaxy A70)
  • SM-A705Y BIT3 (Galaxy A70)
  • SM-A715F BIT3 (Galaxy A71)
  • SM-A716U BIT9 (Galaxy A71 5G)
  • SM-A716W BIT9 (Galaxy A71 5G)
  • SM-A725F BIT6 (Galaxy A72)
  • SM-A736B BIT5 (Galaxy A73 5G)
  • SM-A736B BIT6 (Galaxy A73 5G)
  • SM-F711B BIT6 (Galaxy Z Flip3 5G)
  • SM-F711U BIT5 (Galaxy Z Flip3 5G)
  • SM-F711W BIT5 (Galaxy Z Flip3 5G)
  • SM-F721B BIT4 (Galaxy Z Flip4)
  • SM-F721B BIT5 (Galaxy Z Flip4)
  • SM-F721U BIT3 (Galaxy Z Flip4)
  • SM-F721U BIT4 (Galaxy Z Flip4)
  • SM-F731B BIT1 (Galaxy Z Flip5)
  • SM-F731U BIT1 (Galaxy Z Flip5)
  • SM-F731W BIT1 (Galaxy Z Flip5)
  • SM-F916U BIT2 (Galaxy Z Fold2 5G)
  • SM-F916B BIT2 (Galaxy Z Fold2 5G)
  • SM-F916W BIT2 (Galaxy Z Fold2 5G)
  • SM-F926B BIT4 (Galaxy Z Fold3 5G)
  • SM-F926B BIT5 (Galaxy Z Fold3 5G)
  • SM-F926N BIT2 (Galaxy Z Fold3 5G)
  • SM-F926U BIT4 (Galaxy Z Fold3 5G)
  • SM-F926U BIT5 (Galaxy Z Fold3 5G)
  • SM-F936B BIT4 (Galaxy Z Fold4)
  • SM-F936N BIT2 (Galaxy Z Fold4)
  • SM-F936U BIT3 (Galaxy Z Fold4)
  • SM-F936U BIT4 (Galaxy Z Fold4)
  • SM-F946B BIT1 (Galaxy Z Fold5)
  • SM-F946U BIT1 (Galaxy Z Fold5)
  • SM-F946W BIT1 (Galaxy Z Fold5)
  • SM-G780G BIT8 (Galaxy S20 FE)
  • SM-G781B BIT8 (Galaxy S20 FE 5G)
  • SM-G781U BIT8 (Galaxy S20 FE 5G)
  • SM-G781U BIT9 (Galaxy S20 FE 5G)
  • SM-G781U BIT12 (Galaxy S20 FE 5G)
  • SM-G781U BIT-E (Galaxy S20 FE 5G)
  • SM-G781V BIT11 (Galaxy S20 FE 5G)
  • SM-G781V BIT-B (Galaxy S20 FE 5G)
  • SM-G970U BIT9 (Galaxy S10e)
  • SM-G970W BIT9 (Galaxy S10e)
  • SM-G973U BIT9 (Galaxy S10)
  • SM-G973W BIT9 (Galaxy S10)
  • SM-G975U BIT9 (Galaxy S10 Plus)
  • SM-G975W BIT9 (Galaxy S10 Plus)
  • SM-G981U BIT7 (Galaxy S20 5G)
  • SM-G981U BIT8 (Galaxy S20 5G)
  • SM-G986U BIT7 (Galaxy S20 Plus 5G)
  • SM-G986U BIT8 (Galaxy S20 Plus 5G)
  • SM-G988U BIT7 (Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G)
  • SM-G988U BIT8 (Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G)
  • SM-G990B BIT6 (Galaxy S21 FE 5G)
  • SM-G990U BIT9 (Galaxy S21 FE 5G)
  • SM-G991U BIT9 (Galaxy S21 5G)
  • SM-G991U BIT-A (Galaxy S21 5G)
  • SM-G996U BIT9 (Galaxy S21 Plus 5G)
  • SM-G996U BIT-A (Galaxy S21 Plus 5G)
  • SM-G998U BIT9 (Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G)
  • SM-G998U BIT-A (Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G)
  • SM-M145F BIT1 (Galaxy M14 4G)
  • SM-N970U BIT8 (Galaxy Note10)
  • SM-N975U BIT8 (Galaxy Note10 Plus)
  • SM-N976V BIT8 (Galaxy Note10 Plus 5G)
  • SM-N981U BIT5 (Galaxy Note20 5G)
  • SM-N981U BIT6 (Galaxy Note20 5G)
  • SM-N986U BIT5 (Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G)
  • SM-N986U BIT6 (Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G)
  • SM-S711U BIT1 (Galaxy S23 FE)
  • SM-S711U BIT2 (Galaxy S23 FE)
  • SM-S901E BIT7 (Galaxy S22 5G)
  • SM-S901U BIT3 (Galaxy S22 5G)
  • SM-S901U BIT4 (Galaxy S22 5G)
  • SM-S906E BIT7 (Galaxy S22 Plus 5G)
  • SM-S906U BIT3 (Galaxy S22 Plus 5G)
  • SM-S908E BIT7 (Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G)
  • SM-S908U BIT3 (Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G)
  • SM-S908U BIT4 (Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G)
  • SM-S911B BIT3 (Galaxy S23)
  • SM-S911U BIT2 (Galaxy S23)
  • SM-S911W BIT2 (Galaxy S23)
  • SM-S916B BIT3 (Galaxy S23 Plus)
  • SM-S916N BIT2 (Galaxy S23 Plus)
  • SM-S916U BIT2 (Galaxy S23 Plus)
  • SM-S916W BIT2 (Galaxy S23 Plus)
  • SM-S918B BIT3 (Galaxy S23 Ultra)
  • SM-S918N BIT2 (Galaxy S23 Ultra)
  • SM-S918U BIT2 (Galaxy S23 Ultra)
  • SM-S9010 BIT4 (Galaxy S22 5G)
  • SM-T505 BIT3 (Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (2020))
  • SM-X210 BIT1 (Galaxy Tab A9 Plus)
  • SM-X216B BIT1 (Galaxy Tab A9 Plus)
  • SM-X900 BIT5 (Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra)

IMPROVED - Huawei ID Remove, Fix Chip Damaged Error for following Models

  • Mate 50 (CET-AL00, CET-LX9)
  • Mate 50 Pro (DCO-AL00, DCO-LX9)
  • P60 Art/Pro (MNA-AL00, MNA-LX9)

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