Oxygen Forensic Detective 16.0.1 Keygen Free Download

Oxygen Forensic Detective 16.0.1 Now Available for Free Download!

The powerful Oxygen Forensic Detective 16.0.1 tool can now be downloaded and activated for free. The latest version of this program is a unique tool for your digital investigation needs, with lots of new features and improvements!


  • Import and decryption of physical images of Honor 7S and Huawei Y5 devices.
  • Public data extraction via iOS Agent.
  • Extraction of iOS 17 devices.
  • The decryption of VeraCrypt containers with key files.
  • Support for Xiaomi Redmi devices.
  • Extraction of hardware keys and decryption of physical dumps of Xiaomi devices based on the Qualcomm SDM439 chipset.


  1. Download and install the Oxygen Forensic Detective 16.0.1 setup.
  2. Download and extract the crack file.
  3. Replace the original files in the installed folder with the cracked files.
  4. Run Oxygen Forensics Detective.
  5. The hardware key will be copied to your clipboard.
  6. Open the keygen (WLGen_Oxygen.exe) and click on "License Manager."
  7. Add a new license with the following information:
    • Customer Name: user
    • Company Name: BlackHat
    • Hardware ID: Paste the copied hardware key
  8. Click "Save."
  9. Select your user in the list and click "Create License Key."
  10. A "user-BlackHat" folder will be created.
  11. Open the "user-BlackHat" folder and copy the "Oxygen.dat" file.
  12. Paste the "Oxygen.dat" file into the following locations:
    • Installed Oxygen Detective root folder
    • Data folder
    • DeviceExtractor folder
    • Documents folder
    • ... and any other sub-folders
  13. Copy the "oxydetectivekey.dat" file from the crack zip and paste it here:
    • C:/Users/BlackHat/AppData/Roaming/OxygenEngine
    • (Use your system username instead of BlackHat)
  14. Copy the "Passware" folder from the crack zip and paste it here:
    • C:/Users/BlackHat/AppData/Roaming
    • (Use your system username instead of BlackHat)
  15. Run Oxygen Forensic Detective from your desktop and enjoy!

Note: This method is for educational purposes only. Please use this software responsibly and ethically. The author is not responsible for any misuse of this information.

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With this free download and activation guide, you can now access the powerful capabilities of Oxygen Forensic Detective 16.0.1 and enhance your digital forensics investigations.

Happy investigating!

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