Samsung EDL Auth Loader Files (Free) 2023

Samsung EDL Auth Loader Files 2023

Supported Models and Files:

The article you provided lists various Samsung model numbers (A526U, A716U, etc.) along with their corresponding EDL Auth Loader files (Loader Make sure to download the exact file matching your device model for successful operations.

  • A526U
  • A716U
  • F711U
  • F721U
  • F916U
  • F926B
  • F936U
  • G781U
  • G781V
  • G970U
  • G973U
  • G975U
  • G981U
  • G986U
  • G988U
  • G990U
  • G991U
  • G996U
  • G998U
  • N970U
  • N975U
  • N981U
  • N986U
  • S901E
  • S901U
  • S906U
  • S908E
  • S908U
  • S911B
  • S916B
  • S918B

Using the EDL Auth Loader:

  1. Download and install a compatible Qualcomm flashing tool like Odin or Z3X.
  2. Download the compatible EDL Auth Loader file for your device model.
  3. Boot your device into Download Mode (EDL). This usually involves a specific key combination or connecting the device to your computer while holding certain buttons.
  4. Launch the flashing tool and select the downloaded firmware file.
  5. Locate the "Custom Loader" option within the tool and load the corresponding EDL Auth Loader file (Loader for your device.
  6. Start the flashing process and wait for it to complete.
  7. Once finished, your device should reboot automatically.

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