Samsung EDL Cable Make using data cable (Guide) FREE 2024

Ditch the Test Points: Make Your Own Samsung Qualcomm EDL Mode Cable (Without Soldering!)

Let's Get Started!

  1. Prepare the Cable:
    • Locate the middle plastic sheath: This covers the wires running through the cable.
    • Carefully cut a small section: Just enough to expose the colored wires inside (avoid cutting through the cable itself!).
  2. Identify the Wires:
    • Black: This is your ground wire.
    • Green: This is the boot signal wire.
    • Other colors: Ignore these for now.
  3. Connect the Wires:
    • Twist the exposed black and green wires together. You can wrap them with electrical tape for extra security.
  4. Boot into EDL Mode:
    • Connect your modified cable to your phone and PC.
    • Once in the device manager, you can see 9008 modes then connect with a new fresh cable with your mobile
  5. Unlock the FRP (Optional):
    • Use your preferred FRP unlock tool like UMT. Follow the tool's instructions carefully.
  6. Video Guide: Click Here (Credit goes to unlock tool)

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