ZTE WiseFone ZXIC Tools 2024 [Latest Version]

ZTE WiseFone "ZXIC" Tools: A Boon for Service Centers

Stuck with a dead ZTE modem and no support from Chinese suppliers? Worry no more! ZTE WiseFone "ZXIC" Tools, a completely free software, is here to breathe life back into your devices. This powerful tool caters specifically to official service centers facing such challenges.

What does it do?

  • Personalized Security and System Data: Say goodbye to data loss! ZXIC allows you to restore personalized security and system data after swapping the motherboard or reprogramming the Flash IC using an external programmer. This means your repaired modem retains its original identity, including crucial details like:
    • WiFi MAC addresses (WiFi MAC, MAC2, Wlan MAC)
    • IMEI number
    • Serial Number (S/N)
    • SSID and WiFi key
  • Works on Unsecured Models: Don't worry about compatibility. ZXIC has proven effective on various unsecured ZTE models, including:
    • WV 4G Connect Mini
    • WV P21 (aka Zlt P21)
    • ZTE MF920W and similar models
  • Play with AT Commands: Unleash your tech savviness! ZXIC lets you send AT commands to the modem, opening doors to advanced customization and troubleshooting.

Before you start:

  1. Hard Reset is Crucial: Ensure a clean slate by performing a hard reset on your modem before using ZXIC.
  2. Repeat after Writing: Once you've written the necessary details, don't forget to repeat the hard reset process.

Repairing Dead Modems on a Budget:

Hold on to your hats! Tomorrow, we'll delve into the exciting world of repairing dead or damaged ZTE modems with the incredibly affordable CH341A USB programmer (just 5 USD!) and free software. You won't want to miss this!

Unregistered Limitations:

The unregistered version of ZXIC offers read-only access to information and AT command functionality. However, if you're comfortable with AT commands, you can achieve similar results manually.

What's new!

ZTE WiseFone "ZXIC" v2.4 :::  - Added:
>> AT Commander for Marvell CPU modems!
>> More AT Commands for WiseFone CPU modems.

All Who have a ZxIc CPU modem can get FREE Activation for the test!

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