Download UMT, UMT PRO Ultimate MTK2 V1.2 Tool (Latest Version)

UMTv2 / UMT Pro UltimateMTK2: A Powerful Tool for MediaTek Devices

We are excited to introduce the latest version of UMTv2 / UMT Pro - UltimateMTK2, the ultimate MediaTek tool designed to meet the evolving needs of mobile technicians and enthusiasts. This innovative and intelligent update brings enhanced support for a wide range of Vivo devices, new security patches, and expanded features for Motorola.

If you are looking for a reliable and versatile tool to service your MediaTek devices, you might want to check out the latest update of UMTv2 / UMT Pro UltimateMTK2. This tool is designed to perform various operations such as flashing, unlocking, repairing, and formatting on a wide range of MediaTek chipsets and devices.

What's New:

UMT, UMT PRO Ultimate MTK2 V1.2 Changelog

New Features:

  • Vivo Demo Reset (New): A new method for Vivo demo reset has been added, tested, and confirmed working on Vivo T2x 5G and Y28 5G models.
  • Vivo Demo Reset (Old): For devices that are not compatible with the new method, an older version of the Vivo demo reset is also available.
Samsung Unbrick and TAR Flashing:

A straightforward solution for unbricking Samsung devices.
Eliminates the need for unbrick firmware.
Supports fully formatted flash chips and creates GPT on-the-fly if erased.
Allows for flashing without Odin using BL/AP/CP/CSC.
Single TAR flashing is supported if GPT is intact.
For fully formatted flash chips, BL/AP/CP/CSC must be used.
It’s recommended to use firmware of the same or higher BIT to fully recover the device.
The software will automatically utilize the preloader from BL when the device is connected in BROM mode.

Enhanced Functions:
  • Read Dump: An easy-to-use tool for creating a full dump, including backup for BOOT1/BOOT2 and USERAREA. The USERAREA dump is fully customizable, allowing users to choose either a full dump or set their own start and length parameters. The tool also auto-detects if the saved location has sufficient free space.
  • Write Dump: Users can now write back dumps created by the Read Dump function. Simply select the CFG file and tick the parts of the dump you wish to write. However, writing a dump from one device to another is not recommended, and it’s crucial to back up security partitions before proceeding.

Fixed the “Lost in background” issue on the confirmation dialog at startup.
Improved format functions for better performance.
Enhanced the Write Flash function for increased reliability.
Implemented minor UI changes for a more intuitive interface.
This update solidifies UMTv2 / UMTPro’s position as a comprehensive tool for Mediatek device servicing, offering both new and improved functionalities to meet the evolving needs of the tech servicing industry.

Previous Version👇

What’s New in UltimateMTK2 v1.1?

The latest version of UltimateMTK2 brings some new and improved features that make it more efficient and user-friendly. Here are some of the highlights of this update:

  • Updated Infinix/iTel/Tecno V3 (Nov’23) in Preloder Mode: This feature allows you to flash and unlock the latest models of Infinix, iTel, and Tecno devices that use MediaTek chipsets such as MT6761, MT6765, MT6768, MT6781, MT6785, MT6833, MT6877, and MT6893. You can use this feature in both BROM and Preloader mode, depending on the security level of the device.
  • Added Storage Health Check on Boot: This feature helps you monitor the health status of the device’s storage by showing the PreEOL, LifeTime Estimate A, and LifeTime Estimate B values when possible. These values indicate the remaining lifespan and performance of the storage, which can help you prevent data loss and corruption.
  • Updated Xiaomi Mi Account Relok Fix Function: This feature helps you to fix the Mi Account lock issue on Xiaomi devices that use MediaTek chipsets. This feature has been tested on MIUI 14 and can bypass the Mi Account verification without erasing any user data or storage.
  • Added Safe Format (Oppo) Option: This feature allows you to format Oppo devices that use MediaTek chipsets without losing any user data or storage. This feature is useful when the device is stuck in recovery mode and you want to restore it to normal mode. You can also use the Fix Recovery function to fix the recovery mode issue if needed.
  • Added Erase Data + FRP Option: This feature allows you to erase the user data and the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock on MediaTek devices in one click. This feature is useful when you want to reset the device to factory settings and remove any Google account or password protection.
  • Updated Fix Recovery Function: This feature helps you to fix the recovery mode issue on MediaTek devices that are stuck in recovery mode after flashing or formatting. This feature can restore the device to normal mode without erasing any user data or storage.
  • Revised Format Functions List: This feature provides a more organized and simplified list of format functions for MediaTek devices. You can choose your device's most suitable format function based on the chipset, security level, and device model.
  • Updated Read Information on devices with Dynamic Partitions and A/B Slots: This feature helps you to read the device information and partitions on MediaTek devices that use dynamic partitions and A/B slots. These are new features introduced in Android 10 and 11 that allow the device to update the system without rebooting and to switch between two system partitions for seamless updates.
  • Disabled “SWITCH HI-SPEED” Option by default: This feature prevents the software from switching to Hi-Speed connection mode automatically when connecting to MediaTek devices. This feature can avoid connection issues caused by poor-quality cables or incompatible drivers. You can still enable this option manually if you want to use Hi-Speed connection mode for faster operations.
Important Notes

Before using UltimateMTK2 v1.1, please note the following points:

You can flash the device with both BROM and Preloader mode, depending on the security level of the device. BROM mode is more powerful and can bypass the bootloader lock, but it may require a test point or a special cable. Preloader mode is easier and can work with a normal USB cable, but it may not work on some devices with high security.
If the default DA (Download Agent) does not work, you can use your own DA in the custom DA option. You can find the DA files for different devices on the internet or extract them from the firmware files.
Force BROM may not work on new security devices, so you may need to use a test point or a special cable to enter BROM mode. When using a test point, you must select Preloader in the PL option, otherwise, the software will not detect the device.
If you need to connect the device in Preloader mode, select PRELOADER in connection settings, otherwise, the software will try to crash the Preloader and enter BROM mode. This may not work on new security devices and may cause the device to be dead or bricked.
You can test PRELOADER EXPLOIT on any device with DA from the vendor, even if that DA does not allow write or erase operations. This feature can bypass the DA restrictions and enable you to flash or format the device.

Added Support for Vivo Devices:

The UltimateMTK2 v1.0 now supports a comprehensive list of Vivo devices, including but not limited to:

  • Vivo S10e
  • Vivo S12 Pro
  • Vivo V23 5G
  • Vivo X70 Pro 5G
  • Vivo Y20G
  • Vivo Y76 5G
  • And many more!

Preloader Exploit for Vivo New Security Patch:

Added Preloader Exploit for Vivo New Security Patch (V2/V3) on various MediaTek chipsets like MT6765, MT6768, MT6781, MT6833, MT6853, MT6877, MT6893. This update enhances the tool's capabilities in dealing with the latest security measures implemented by Vivo.

Updated Preloader Exploit for Oppo:

Enhanced the Preloader Exploit for Oppo devices (V1/V2) with support for multiple MediaTek chipsets, providing improved compatibility and functionality.

Preloader Exploit for Motorola:

Added Preloader Exploit for a range of Motorola devices, including popular models like MOTO XT2025, MOTO XT2029, MOTO XT2053, and more.

Bootloader Unlock/Relock for Vivo V2/V3 Exploit:

Now, the tool supports Bootloader Unlock/Relock specifically for Vivo V2/V3 Exploit, offering users more flexibility and control over their Vivo devices.

RPMB Read/Write/Erase for Vivo V2/V3 Exploit:

Added support for RPMB (Replay Protected Memory Block) operations on Vivo V2/V3 devices, enhancing security-related functionalities.

Updated Exploits and Cosmetic Changes:

  • Updated the BROM Exploit for faster performance.
  • Introduced some cosmetic changes to the graphical user interface (GUI) for an improved user experience.

Important Notes:

  • The tool supports flashing devices with both BROM and Preloader modes.
  • Users can use their custom DA (Download Agent) if the default DA does not work.
  • Force BROM may not work on new security; instead, Test Point should be used.
  • When using Test Point, select Preloader in PL (not needed when flashing).
  • Preloader EXPLOIT can be tested on any device with a DA from the vendor, even if it does not allow Write or Erase.


Repairing ESN/MEID/IMEI is intended for legitimate purposes only. Changing ESN/MEID/IMEI is illegal, and users engaging in such activities are solely responsible for any legal consequences.

Features UMT MTK TOOL:


  • Flashing Scatter, OFP Both
  • Read Info
  • Write Flash


  • META Reset
  • Factory Reset
  • OPPO Reset
  • OPPO Reset (UFS)

Bootloader Functions:

  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Relock Bootloader
  • Permanent Unlock
  • Patch DM-Verity
  • Remove DM-Verity Patch

Security Functions:

  • Backup Security
  • Backup NVRAM
  • Backup NVDTA
  • Format NVRAM
  • Restore Backup
  • Oppo DL Error Fix

Vivo Repair:

  • IMEI 1, IMEI 2, MEID, SN [Read, Write]

Format Functions:

  • Format FS (Safe)
  • Format UserData
  • Reset FRP
  • Safe Format+FRP
  • Fix Recovery

RPMB Tool:

  • Read RPMB
  • Write RPMB
  • Format RPMB

Account ID MDM Reset:

  • Reset Mi Account
  • Mi Relock Fix
  • Reset OPPO ID
  • Reset Huawei ID
  • Samsung KG Remove
  • Infinix MDM Reset

Infinix 2023:

  • Enable BROM [PL]
  • FRP Reset [PL]
  • Format FS [PL]
  • Disable BROM

IMEI Repair:

  • POCO+REDMI: IMEI 1, IMEI 2 (Repair)

Partition Manager:

  • BOOT
  • Read Scatter
  • Write RAW
  • Erase

Connection Settings:


The UMTv2/UMTPro UltimateMTK2 update brings new features, added support, and improvements, making it an essential tool for professionals and enthusiasts. Always use the software responsibly and in compliance with legal regulations.

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