iBypass LPro MacOS V2.2 (Latest Version) 2024

iBypass LPro MacOS V2.2 Update

Big news for iBypass LPro users! Version 2.2 is here with support for the latest MacOS Security 14.5. Plus, it brings exciting new features: automatic Fake Reset, OTA updates without relock, and it's the fastest tool on the market for all iOS versions. Perfect for users with slow internet, no need to restore phones! And for those facing driver issues, a simple fix - just reconnect the USB cable after the Apple logo appears during DFU mode (tested on M2 and other devices that caused problems with other tools).


iBypass LPro Update New Version 2.2 Features:

  • Supported latest MacOS Security 14.5+
  • Fake Reset Auto
  • OTA Update Supported without relock
  • Fastest tool in the market supporting all iOS versions (Good for users with bad internet who don't want to restore phones)
  • One API for both Windows & MacOS versions (Moneymaker tool)
  • Simple driver solution: Reconnect the USB cable after DFU mode and the Apple logo appears (Fixes issues for M2 and other devices that had problems with other tools)


  • File name: iBypass LPRO MacOS V2.2
  • File Size: 21 MB
  • Developer: LPRO Team Developing
  • Source: Telegram
  • Free or Paid: Free or Paid (Some features are paid in the tool)
  • Download Link: Click Here
  • Previous Version: iBypass LPRO V2.0

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