Infinity CM2SP3 Latest Version Update (2024)

Infinity CM2SP3 v2.27a5s Alpha: A Powerful Tool for SPD Devices

There are many improvements in device control with the Infinity CM2SP3 v2.27a5s Alpha update. The revised boot process guarantees improved software detection and a faster initial connection, which supports more than 1200 devices. The updated device list with more models and parameters improved MDM and AppTool processes, and developed PSN1/2/3 Read/Write features are all included in this update. With PAC file flashing, MEMTool features for RPMB wiping and boot area read/write operations, and integrated boot packs and configuration files, there are other features. Flash operations disable computer sleep to improve stability, and usability is improved with small GUI tweaks. Ultimately, a wide range of advances is offered by this update to make using devices simpler and better.

What's new

Infinity CM2SP3 v2.27a5s Alpha!

1200+ devices on the list
- Boot process and software detection method revised, the initial connection becomes much faster
- PSN1/2/3 Read/Write
- RPMB backup process revised
- MDM process revised
- [AppTool] process revised
- Devices list updated with more models and parameters
- Built-in boot pack and config files updated
- PAC file flashing
- [MemTool] RPMB wipe function
- [MemTool] boot1/boot2 EMMC area read/write
- Computer Sleep disabled during flash read/write operations
- Minor GUI changes
- Internal improvements and fixes


- Devices list updated with more devices
- Boot process revised, loaders incompatibility detection improved
- Autosave [~user] profile for selected external PAC loaders
- Protocol selection hints updated
- Baudrate (connection speed) selection for [FDL] mode
- Store partitions layout to backup
- Firmware read option
- Display estimated time to end of firmware read process
- Disk-free space verification on reading
- Minimize allocated storage space on read and truncate files to actual data size
- Firmware write option by layout.txt and gpt. raw layouts
- Firmware file selection for writing with an On/Off option for each file
- Separate button for EXTCSD read
- Protocol selection hints and suggestions as per selected device hardware
- Selected SoC name included in operation header text
- Firmware version detection method revised
- Boot pack version check revised
- Boot pack files updated
- Free disk space verification method changed
- GUI fixes
- Many internal improvements and fixes

NOTE: Complete Device Database compilation is in progress but it takes time. In case of connection issues with built-in loaders try with PAC file.

Download Link

  • CM2SP3 V2.27a5s Alpha: Download | LATEST (Password: 1111)
  • CM2SP3 V2.26a2s Alpha: Download (Password: 1111)

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