Scorpion SPD Tool V0.1 Release New Update Tool 2024

Scorpion SPD Tool V0.1 Release New Update Tool 2024

Finding on top of what's possible in the changing mobile technology nature requires access to modern tools that can react to the changing needs of both developers and users. This dedication is shown by the January 6, 2024, release of the Scorpion SPD Tool V0.1 Public Beta. This article looks into the unique characteristics and creations that this original tool offers.

Showing the Change Note

With numerous features, the Scorpion SPD Tool V0.1 Public Beta offers a complete solution for many kinds of applications. Let's look at the change log's most important updates:

1. Direct Flash Pac Files with Full Erase-Repartition Support
2. BootDevice + Read Information
3. Read Single Partitions
4. Write Single Partitions
5. Format Single Partitions
6. Read/Backup Full Firmware (Including Sensitive Areas)
7. Factory Reset
8. Erase FRP
9. Unlock Bootloader
10. Relock Bootloader
11. Repair IMEI
12. Patch Cert
13. Read RPMB
14. DM verity Fix Included
15. Bypass Auth Auto

Supported CPUs & Models

Compatibility and range are provided by the Scorpion SPD Tool V0.1 Public Beta, which supports a broad range of CPUs and smartphone models. One support for CPUs and models includes:

Spreadtrum (SC) Series:

- SC7731E
- SC9832E
- SC9863A
- SC9863A_64
- Tiger T606_64
- Tiger T610_64
- Tiger T612_64
- Tiger T616_64

- X6511, X6511B, X6511C (Infinix Smart 6)
- X6516, X6517 (Infinix Smart 7 HD, Infinix Smart 7)
- X669D (Infinix Hot 30i)
- X6823 (Infinix Smart 7)

- RMX3231 (REALME C11)
- RMX3261, RMX3262, RMX3263 (REALME C21Y)
- RMX3265, RMX3269 (REALME C25Y)
- RMX3581 (REALME C30)
- RMX3624, RMX3624BA, RMX3624EU (REALME C33)
- RMX3690 (REALME C30S)
- RMX3760, RMX3761, RMX3762 (REALME C53, REALME NAZRO N53)

- Various models including C-series, G-series, T-series, and more


Note: Repair IMEI and Patch Cert are not supported on all devices and OS versions, with some of the newest firmware not covered.

Download Link

Change Log SPD V0.1 Beta:

Added Direct Flash Pac FilesFull Erase-Repartition Supported
Added BootDevice + Read Information
Added Read Single Partitions
Added Write Single Partitions
Added Format Single Partitions
Added Read/Backup Full FirmwareInclude Sensitive Area
Added Factory Reset
Added Erase FRP
Added Unlock Bootloader
Added Relock Bootloader
Added Repair IMEI
Added Patch Cert
Added Read RPMB
Added DM verity Fix Included
Added Bypass Auth Auto

Supported CPU & Models List:

CPU ModelSupported Models
Tiger T606_64
Tiger T612_64
Tiger T616_64
InfinixX6511, X6511B, X6511C, X6516, X6517, X669D, X6823
RealmeRMX3231, RMX3261, RMX3262, RMX3263, RMX3265, RMX3269, RMX3581, RMX3624, RMX3624BA, RMX3624EU, RMX3690, RMX3760, RMX3761, RMX3762
NokiaTA1342, TA-1339, TA-1348, TA-1352, TA-1356, TA-1380, TA-1306, TA-1308, TA-1309, TA-1312, TA-1314, TA-1318, TA-1320, TA-1446, TA-1452, TA-1454, TA-1468, TA-1471, TA-1379, TA-1382, TA-1383, TA-1387, TA-1396, TA-1366, TA-1388, TA-1466, TA-1493, TA-1497, TA-1499, TA-1401, TA-1477, TA-1408, TA-1413, TA-1421, TA-1429, TA-1404, TA-1405, TA-1412, TA-1415, TA-1418, TA-1457, TA-1462, TA-1472, TA-1503, TA-1512, TA-1382, TA-1394, TA-1397, TA-1495, TA-1165, TA-1534, TA-1522, TA-1535

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