Infinity CM2MT2 Latest Version Setup Free Download 2024

CM2MT2 v2.62a5s Latest Update Today Release Free Download

Infinity CM2MT2 is a premium tool and best for MediaTek devices, it is use with a dongle that also provided a yearly subscription. with hel of this tool you can perform a many kind of operation like you can flash any MTK device, remove FRP, fix IMEI, and analyze full device and found the best soltution help og CMT2MT2 tool.

CM2MT2 Latest Version Setup

What's new

Infinity CM2MT2 v2.62a5s Alpha:

  • [AppTool] Expert Mode with extended list of files
  • MSHA4 revised
  • Test-Point info included in [boot-pack] Downloader
  • Preloader files included in [boot-pack] Downloader
  • Bootpack Downloader processing revised
  • Firmware parser rebuilt
  • erofs driver engine revised
  • Startup logs method updated, with partition size limit changed
  • Processing time display for number of operations
  • [RawTool] calculates size on start address change
  • Various internal changes and optimizations

Infinity CM2MT2 v2.61  Release!

- Updated nvram backup method before firmware write
- Updated nvram backup method for format/reset process
- Issue with DA/MSHA selection fixed

Previous update:

Infinity CM2MT2 v2.60a1s Alpha!

- [AppTool] Expert Mode with an extended list of files
- test-point info included into [boot-pack] Downloader
- preloader files included into [boot-pack] Downloader
- processing time display for several operations
- Internal changes and optimizations

Infinity CM2MT2 v2.59 update

- [boot-pack] On-Demand Downloader:
  The device list download process updated
  Software restart after the update is not required
  Confirmation before clearing existing files
- [AppTool/MSHA3] file list save method changed
- Backup Create/Restore button names changed - restored similar to previous text

Infinity CM2MT2 v2.58a2s Alpha!

- Firmware version detection method updated, the process goes much faster now
- Reboot On|Off option behavior changed
- Flasher/SCAT loader menu updated
- [RawTool] rebuild
- [boot-pack] On-Demand Downloader:
  No need to install whole boot-pack
  DA/Auth/Preloader files can be loaded from the server on model selection
- [MDM /MSHA File] option removed as useless
- GUI changes
- Internal changes and optimizations

Infinity #CM2MT2 v2.57

- bugfix: Firmware [Read] `unknown structure` issue fixed
- [MDM File] method updated
- [MSHA] Improved!

infinity #CM2MT2 v2.56 - [AppTool] feature, [MMC EOL Reset], and more

[AppTool] feature
- Print list of available/installed APK
- Disable any (even system) APK permanently
- Disabled APK stays disabled even after resetting or wiping
- Save a list of installed APKs to the file
- Restore disabled APK back anytime
- High-speed processing

NOTE: The Bootloader must be unlocked for this operation!

What [AppTool] can do:

- OTA On/Off
- MDM/Admin Apps On/Off
- Bloatware/Telemetry/Spy Apps On/Off
- Network/Operator addons On/Off

- And many more features depend on your fantasy

- Boot files selection method updated
- DA selection method updated
- [MemTool] gui changes
- [MemTool] functions rebuild
- [MMC EOL Reset] function to attempt to extend faulty EMMC lifetime
- PSN Read/Write function released
- [MDM] method updated including infinix/tecno/itel handling
- BT/WiFi MAC address read method updated
- SCAT file load method changed, preloader became un-checked by default
- [Format/Reset] methods updated
- [Format/Reset] separate [Accounts] option released
- key.json generation for generic devices
- boot-pack integration method changed
- GUI changes
- Internal changes and optimizations

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