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Infinity CM2MT2 v2.54: A Major Update for MediaTek Devices

The CM2MT2 module from Infinity Box, used for use with MediaTek devices, has been updated to a new beta version. One of the most full and powerful devices for MediaTek devices is the CM2MT2 v2.54, which includes many new features and changes. 

What's new

Infinity #CM2MT2 v2.55a9s Alpha!

[AppTool] feature via [FF] mode
- Print list of available/installed APK
- Disable any (even system) APK permanently
- Disabled APK stays disabled even after Reset or Wipe
- Save a list of installed APKs to file
- Restore disabled APK back anytime
- Extremely fast processing

NOTE: The Bootloader must be unlocked for this operation!

What [AppTool] can do:
- OTA On/Off
- MDM/Admin Apps On/Off
- Bloatware/Telemetry/Spy Apps On/Off
- Network/Operator addons On/Off
- And many more features depending on your fantasy

- Boot files selection method updated
- [MemTool] gui changes
- [MemTool] functions rebuild
- [MMC EOL Reset] function to attempt to extend faulty EMMC lifetime
- PSN Read/Write function released
- [MDM] method updated including infinix/tecno/itel handling
- BT/WiFi MAC address read method updated
- GUI changes
- Internal changes and optimizations

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