UniSPD FRP Tools X86 Windows Free (2024)

UniSPD FRP Tools X86 Windows Free (2024) - Get Past Factory Reset Protection Easily!

Tired of being locked out of your Android device due to Factory Reset Protection (FRP)? UniSPD FRP Tools X86 Windows Free is here to help! This powerful software, specifically designed for Windows computers, allows you to bypass FRP on a wide range of Infinix, Realme, and Techno devices, completely free of charge.

Supported Devices:

  • infinix Hot 10 PR652B
  • Infinix Hot 12 Play X681C
  • Infinix Smart 6 -A X6511
  • Infinix Smart 6 - B X6511B
  • Realme Cll RMX3231
  • Realme C21Y RMX3261
  • Realme C21Y RMX3263
  • Realme C25Y RMX3265
  • Realme C25Y RMX3269
  • Realme cn RMX3581
  • Realme C31 RMX3501
  • Realme C35 RMX3511
  • Realme Nar-zo 50A Prime RMX3516
  • Techno Pop 4 BCE
  • Techno Pop 5 BD2
  • Techno Pop 5 BD2P
  • Techno Pop 5 Go BDI
  • Techno Pop 5 LTE BD4
  • Techno Pova Neo LESH
  • Techno Spark 7 PR651
  • Techno Spark 7 PR651E
  • Techno spark 7 PR651H
  • Techno spark 8C KG5K


  • Complete FRP Bypass: UniSPD FRP Tools offers various methods to bypass FRP on your device, including:
  • Recovery Wipe Data + FRP: This option wipes all data and resets the device to factory settings, bypassing FRP in the process.
  • Recovery Wipe Data 11 + FRP: Similar to the above, but uses a different recovery method for specific devices.
  • Recovery Format Data + FRP: Formats the data partition, erasing all data and FRP lock.
  • Recovery Wipe App Data + FRP: Wipes only app data, leaving personal data intact while bypassing FRP.
  • Recovery Wipe Data Only + FRP: Similar to Recovery Wipe Data, but excludes the internal storage partition.
  • Erase Data + FRP: Erases all data and bypasses FRP in one go.
  • Erase FRP ONLY: This option specifically targets and removes the FRP lock without affecting your data.


  • Free to Use: UniSPD FRP Tools is completely free to download and use, making it an accessible solution for everyone.
  • Wide Device Support: The software supports a vast range of popular Infinix, Realme, Techno, and Hinix devices, ensuring compatibility with your specific model.
  • Multiple Methods: With various FRP bypass methods available, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and device.
  • Simple Interface: The user interface is straightforward and easy to navigate, even for users with limited technical knowledge.

Important Note: Using FRP bypass tools might void your device's warranty. Proceed with caution and at your own risk. Always make sure you have a backup of your important data before using any FRP bypass tool.

Download UniSPD FRP Tools X86 Windows Free (2024) today and regain access to your locked Android device!

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