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Turbo Service Mobile Tool V1.0.2 Free 2024

Thanks to the release of an updated version, TurboServiceMobile includes a lot more support for Samsung devices also to new features for Android mobile users. In the most recent version, V1.0.2, new Samsung models are added with the updated protocols for MTK and Qualcomm chipsets.

What's new

Turbo Service Mobile V1.0.2 Update: Samsung Device Support and Added Protocols

Released on March 22, 2024, Turbo Service Mobile V1.0.2, the most recent version, includes several new features, which include more a match with Samsung devices and adding more protocols for MTK and Qualcomm chipsets.

Expanded Samsung Device Support

Support for many new Samsung devices, such as the newest flagship models and popular mid-range options, is now available with TurboServiceMobile V1.0.2:

  • S24 Series: S24, S24+, S24 Ultra
  • S23 Series: S23, S23+, S23 Ultra
  • S22 Series: S22, S22+, S22 Ultra
  • And more...
The update includes essential functionalities such as Flash Debug, ReadBack, Remove FRP (Factory Reset Protection), Factory Reset, and Remove KG (KnoxGuard) for the aforementioned devices.

Also, the update offers full detail for all Samsung variants by fixing specific models with related bit versions:

  • SM-S921U bit1
  • SM-S926U bit1
  • SM-S928B bit1
  • SM-S928U bit1
  • SM-S9010 bit4
  • SM-S901U bit4
  • SM-S906E bit7
  • SM-S906U bit3
  • SM-S916N bit2
  • SM-S916W bit2
  • SM-S918N bit2
  • SM-S918U bit2
  • SM-A057F bit2
  • SM-A235F bit4
  • SM-A236E bit5
  • SM-A236U bit4
  • SM-A236W bit4
  • SM-A525F bit6
  • SM-A526B bit6
  • SM-A705F bit5
  • SM-A705MN bit5
  • SM-A705Y bit3
  • SM-A715F bit3
  • SM-A716W bit9
  • SM-A725F bit6
  • SM-A736B bit6
  • SM-F721B bit5
  • SM-F721U bit4
  • SM-F731B bit1
  • SM-F731U bit1
  • SM-F916U bit2
  • SM-F926N bit2
  • SM-F926U bit5
  • SM-F936B bit4 (2)
  • SM-F936B bit4
  • SM-F936N bit2
  • SM-F936U bit4
  • SM-F946B bit1
  • SM-F946U bit1
  • SM-G780G bit8
  • SM-G781B bit8
  • SM-G781U-U1 bitE
  • SM-G781V bitB
  • SM-G970U-U1 bit9
  • SM-G970W bit9
  • SM-G973U-U1 bit9
  • SM-G973W bit9
  • SM-G975W bit9
  • SM-G981U bit8
  • SM-G986U bit8
  • SM-G988U bit8
  • SM-G990B bit6
  • SM-G991U bitA
  • SM-G996U-U1 bitA
  • SM-G998U-U1 bitA
  • SM-M145F bit1
  • SM-N970U bit8
  • SM-N976V bit8
  • SM-N981U-U1 bit6
  • SM-S711U bit2
  • SM-T505 bit3
  • SM-X210 bit1
  • SM-X216B bit1
  • SM-X900 bit5
  • SM-G975U bit9
  • SM-S918B bit3
  • SM-S916U bit2
  • SM-S911U bit2
  • SM-G990U bit9

New Qualcomm Protocol Integration

With the help of Turbo Service Mobile V1.0.2, users can now perform many different kinds of tasks because of a complete set of methods created just for Qualcomm chipsets:

  • Flash
  • Read XML Firmware
  • Remove FRP
  • Factory Reset
  • Remove Samsung KG
  • Read-Write-Erase Partitions
  • Bypass Systemui (Screenlock Beta)
  • Restore Systemui (Screenlock Beta)
  • Remove ScreenLock unencrypted
  • Read Pattern unencrypted
  • Online Database Auto Loaders
  • Daily Updates database
  • Enhanced MTK Protocol
The update adds to the features of the MTK protocol, allowing MTK chipsets new features:

  • Flash
  • Read Scatter
  • Remove FRP
  • Factory Reset
  • Remove HWID
  • Bypass Mi-Account
  • Read-Write-Erase Partitions
  • Read-Write-Erase RPMB
  • Change KG Samsung
  • Samsung Force to Brom

Also, Turbo Service Mobile now supports over 1000 models in a wide range of MTK chips, such as MT6739, MT6761, MT6763, MT6771, MT6785, and more.

FRP Removal for MTK Devices

Turbo Service Mobile V1.0.2 offers FRP removal features to various Samsung models in DOWNLOAD MODE, such as:

Samsung A32, A14, A01 Core, A02, A03s, A10s, A12, A21, A22, A22 5G, A31, A41, F22, F42 5G, M01 Core, M01s, M02, M13 5G, M32, M53 5G, A04, A13, A15, and A05 series.

With these updates, Turbo Service Mobile is sure to continue to be at the top of mobile servicing options, allowing users all the tools they require to successfully operate and solve Samsung and other Android devices.

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