Guerra Meta Mode v2.0.3.0 New Tool Auto Boot Free Download

Modem Meta LITE by Flextronics

Meta Modem is a software developed by Flextronics to change the boot of devices with MediaTek chipsets to meta mode. Meta mode allows factories to write firmware to devices quickly and securely.


This software is for the exclusive use of Flextronics and its authorized partners. It cannot be shared, distributed, or used by people who are not part of the company. Improper use of this software may cause damage to devices and violate warranty terms.


To use the Meta Modem, you need:

- A computer with Windows 7 or higher
- .NET Framework 4.7.2
- A USB cable compatible with the device
- The MediaTek driver installed on the computer
- Processador 1 GHz
- RAM 512 MB


To use the Meta Modem LITE, follow these steps:

1. Open Meta Modem on your computer and click Play to start the service.
2. If the device is turned on, turn it off completely.
3. Connect the USB cable to the MTK device and wait.
4. The device should restart in Meta Mode automatically.
5. Once the device is recognized, it will appear in the list of devices in meta mode.

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If you have any questions or problems with the Meta Modem, contact Flextronics technical support by email at or by phone at +1 408-576-7000.

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