MultiOS-USB 0.9.0 All-in-one Bootable USB Tool FREE

MultiOS-USB 0.9.0 All-in-one Bootable USB Tool FREE

MultiOS USB Tool is the best software for making a bootable ISO file with a single USB device. It allows users to create a multi-OS in a single USB device and you can easily install or boot on your Windows computer. the tool has been released it's a new update that fixes bugs and now boots Win 20, Win 11, or Linux with single USB device.

Features MultiOS-USB:

  • BIOS and UEFI support
  • Secure Boot support (boot, manage uefi keys)
  • Load UEFI drivers
  • Launch .efi executables and other boot loaders
  • Boot Linux from .iso files
  • Boot Windows 10/11 installer from ISO (currently, SB must be disabled during installation)
  • Boot Linux installer from network (experimental)
  • Boot locally installed systems
  • Automatically update configuration files
  • Without background services
  • exFAT file system support
  • Automatic detection of compatible ISO images (GRUB loopback)
  • Support for systems without loopback support
  • Allows customization of ISO boot menu (for example: custom kernel options)
  • Support for USB, SSD, nvme, mmcblk, loop, nbd and virtual disks
  • Support for x86, x86_64

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