Samsung KG Locked QR Code Generator To Enable ADB Free

 Samsung KG Locked QR Code Generator To Enable ADB Free

In this post, I have a simple method to enable ADB on Samsung mobile using a QR code scan. I am giving you a video guide to help you understand how to enable the QR code to adb mode and unlock the new Samsung device that is stuck on the KG or MDM lock. the guide or video is completely free you do not need to buy or add a credit balance only need to watch the carefully video and start the process.

How to enable a QR code scanner in Samsung mobile?

if the device is in normal mode then first restart, ensure the wifi is connected then check first, now once your device is started and the first screen has come simply double tap on the center screen the QR scanner is on and ready for scan.

Guide Remove KG_New Phone and Tool Link👇

Download Here [105.6 MB]

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