Black Rose GSM Tool By Mr. Robot Repair Free Download

Black Rose GSM Tool By Mr. Robot Repair Free Download

Black Rose GSM Tool is a tool developed by Mr. Robot Repair and released free for all users. in this tool you can use lots of options that work on a wide range of devices and some basic features also come with this tool. the tools are ADB, Fastboot, and APK Manager best tool that works on all models that come in the market.


ADB Features:

  • adb read info
  • adb reboot system
  • adb reboot bootloader
  • adb reboot recovery
  • adb reboot download
  • adb reset FRP
  • enable diag
  • enable diag (rooted)
  • enable diag new (no root)
  • erase EFS TWRP
  • setup Morelocal
  • Securi
  • SecurityLogAgent (rooted)
  • mi account TWRP

Fastboot Features:

  • fastboot read info
  • fastboot reboot system
  • fastboot reboot bootloader
  • fastboot reboot recovery
  • fastboot reboot EDL
  • boot custom recovery
  • flash custom recovery
  • fastboot erase FRP
  • fastboot erase EFS QC
  • fastboot erase NV M TK
  • fastboot unlock bootloader
  • fastboot lock bootloader
  • fastboot erase userdata
  • fastboot erase cache
  • fastboot erase config
  • fastboot erase misc

APK Manager:

  • Install applications on mobile devices
    • Options: Enable, Disabled, User, System, Uninstall, Erase DATA, Remove SU, Enable SU
  • One-click to install APK files

Fastboot Flash:

  • Universal:
    • Erase
    • Write
    • Reboot fb (fastboot)
    • Reboot exit fb
  • Brand-specific (Xiaomi, Qualcomm):
    • Reboot
    • Erase userdata
    • Erase FRP

Extra Features:

  • Screenshot
  • Device manager
  • Logs folder
  • CMD for adb/fastboot

Download Link

  • File name: Black Rose GSM Tool By Mr. Robot Repair
  • File Size: 85.39 MB
  • Developer: Mr Robot
  • Source: Website
  • Free or Paid: FREE
  • Download Link: Click here
  • Password:

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