OPPO A18 CPH2591 Download Not Complete 100% After Flash Format [FIX]

Guide to Fix OPPO A18 CPH2591 Download Not Complete 100% After Flash Format

Required Tools and Files:

  1. AMT Tool - Download and install it on your PC.
  2. Partition Files for OPPO A18 - Download these files (LINK HERE).

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Install AMT Tool:

    • Download the AMT Tool from the provided source.
    • Install it on your PC following the standard installation procedure.
  2. Download Partition Files:

    • Download the necessary partition files for OPPO A18 from the link.
  3. Open AMT Tool:

    • Launch the AMT Tool on your PC.
  4. Select Device Model:

    • In the AMT Tool, search for the model number "OPPO A18".
    • Select the OPPO A18 model from the list.
  5. Open Partition Manager:

    • On the right side of the AMT Tool interface, you will see several options.
    • Select "Partition Manager".
    • A small pop-up menu will appear; simply click the "OK" button.

  6. Connect Your Device:

    • Connect your OPPO A18 to the PC.
    • Press and hold the VOL+ and VOL- buttons simultaneously for 1 to 2 seconds.
    • Check the AMT Tool to ensure the device is connected.

  7. Replace Partition Files:

    • Once your device is connected, all partitions of your device will be displayed on the left side of the AMT Tool.
    • Locate the partition files you need to replace:
      • ocdt file: Double-click on it to replace it.
      • Browse to the location of the downloaded partition files.
      • Select the corresponding file and confirm the replacement.
    • Repeat the above steps for all other partition files provided.

  8. Write Selected Partitions:

    • After replacing all necessary files, click on "Write Selected" in the AMT Tool.

    • The tool will now write the selected partitions to your device.

  9. Complete the Process:

    • Once the operation is complete, disconnect your device from the computer.
    • Restart your OPPO A18.

Your device should now be working without any errors, and the issue of incomplete downloads should be resolved.


Ensure that you follow each step carefully and verify the replacement of partition files to avoid any issues.

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