Windows 11 Fixer Free Download

Windows 11 Fixer open source tool

A user-friendly utility called Windows 11 Fixer was created to make Windows 11 repair or fix easy. It gives you an easy way to change a lot of Windows settings, like security settings, remove unwanted apps, and install required apps.

Features of windows fixer

Key Features:

  • Customize the look and feel of the taskbar.
  • Adjust the right-click context menu to your liking.
  • Modify file explorer and adjust file and folder options with ease.
  • Adjust a wide range of Windows settings, including privacy and security settings.
  • Uninstall undesired Windows software, including Cortana and Microsoft Edge.
  • Install additional programs to enhance and customize Windows 11.
  • Install commonly used programs, including internet browsers, game launchers, and audio/video streaming services.

Known Issues:

  • Fix Windows Page:
    • Some fixes require a computer restart or a Windows Explorer restart.
    • Small taskbar fix results in cut-off taskbar clock and system tray icons.
    • Icon spacing varies with taskbar size fixes.
    • The registry prompt for "take ownership" may not appear as the topmost window.
  • Windows Settings Page:
    • A terminal window with "error code 1" may appear if a registry value is not found. This can be ignored and closed.
  • Uninstall MS Bloat Page:
    • Some Edge files may remain until a computer restarts.
  • Install Software Page:
    • Programs installed through the Microsoft Store (Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+) require a logged-in Microsoft account.
    • Post-installation, Windows 11 Fixer may freeze and need to be closed and reopened.

What's new

Windows 11 Fixer v2.1.0

  • Added 5 new programs to the installation page of the program.
  • Windows 11 Fixer now automatically sets its theme to match your system application theme.
  • Minor improvements were made to the Toggle Camera/Microphone context menu.
  • 2 versions of the program: Portable and Lite

Download Link

  • File name: Windows 11 Fixer with portable
  • File Size: 58.8 MB
  • Developer: 99natmar99
  • Source: GitHub
  • Free or Paid: FREE (Open source)
  • Download Link: Click here Click here


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Faqs Windows 11 Fixer

Q: How do I download Windows 11 Fixer? 

A: You can download the latest release of Windows 11 Fixer from the official website. There are two versions available: Portable and Lite (the Lite version requires .NET 5.0).

Q: Do I need .NET 5.0 to use Windows 11 Fixer? 

A: Only the Lite version of Windows 11 Fixer requires .NET 5.0. If you download the Portable version, it does not require .NET 5.0.

Q: Can I uninstall Microsoft Edge and Cortana with Windows 11 Fixer? 

A: Yes, you can use Windows 11 Fixer to uninstall undesired Windows software, including Microsoft Edge and Cortana.

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