RMT SPD Module V1.0.1 Cracked Udayanga Free Download

RMT SPD Module V1.0.1 Cracked By Udayanga

For Infinix, Realme, and Techno devices, recovery wipe/format data and FRP operations are now available with the RMT SPD Module V1.0.1 Cracked Udayanga update. Recovery Wipe Data 1 + FRP, Recovery Wipe Data II + FRP, Recovery Format Data + FRP, Recovery Wipe App Data – FRP, Recovery Wipe Data Only FRP, Erase Data FRP, and Erase FRP Only are some of the features included in the update.

Features of RMT SPD Module


  • Recovery Wipe Data 1 + FRP
  • Recovery Wipe Data II + FRP
  • Recovery Format Data + FRP
  • Recovery Wipe App Data – FRP
  • Recovery Wipe Data Only FRP
  • Erase Data FRP
  • Erase FRP Only

Model Compatibility:

  • Infinix
  • Realme
  • Techno

  • Hot 10i PR652B
  • Hot 12 Play X6816C
  • Hot 12 Play NFC X6816D
  • Hot 12 Play NFC X6816DRU
  • Smart 6-A X6511
  • Smart 6-B X6511B
  • C11 RMX3231
  • C21Y RMX3261
  • C21Y RMX3263
  • C25Y RMX3265
  • C30 RMX3581
  • C31 RMX3501
  • C35 RMX3511
  • Narzo 50A Prime RMX3516
  • Pop 4 BC2C
  • Pop 5 BD2
  • Pop 5 BD2P
  • Pop 5 Go BD1
  • Pop 5 Lte BD4
  • Pova Neo LE6H
  • Spark 7 PR651
  • Spark 7 PR651E
  • Spark 7 PR651H
  • Spark 8C KG5K

How to use it?

  1. First, you need to download RMT SPD MODULE
  2. Extract all files at c: drive (Most important)
  3. Now open the extracted file and if it is only an EXE file then please install the setup or portable tool and run it as an admin
  4. Now once is ready for use simply go to the desktop and run the tool as an admin
  5. One tool interface is open you can use the tool
  6. Enjoy!

Download Link

  • File name: RMT SPD Module V1.0.1
  • File Size: 10 MB
  • Developer: Ko Yee
  • Source: Telegram
  • Free or Paid: FREE
  • Download Link: Click Here

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