Z3X EasyJtag EMMC File Manager v1.28 Free Download

Z3X EasyJtag EMMC File Manager v1.28 Free Download

Z3X EasyJtag EMMC File Manager is a small program for Windows computers that helps users manage the box and perform many operations with or without the box. Below are the details and features of the tool.


General Functions:

  • Connect to EasyJtag
  • ZTE DFU to EDL
  • Restart App
  • Open Windows Device Manager
  • Close Session
  • EMMC PIN Test
  • Open Windows Task Manager


If you have connected the EMMC module to the PC and your device using the ISP method, you can view the partition and access it like an SD card.

Tools (including many free options):

Android Info:

  • Read Android Info

Android Locks:

  • Gesture.key
  • Android PIN
  • Reset User Locks
  • Reset FRP

Android Wipe:

  • Full Wipe Data
  • Universal Reset
  • MTK Factory Reset
  • Password Reset
  • Samsung Wipe
  • Low Level Reset
  • XiaoMi Quaknmrn MI Patch

Android FS Tools:

  • Format EXT Partition
  • Change EXT Mount Point
  • Run FSCK
  • Format F2FS Partition

Extract Data:

  • Extract Contacts/SMS
  • WP Contacts/SMS
  • Extract User Files

EMMC Tools:

  • Read EMMC Info
  • EMMC R/W Test
  • Read EXTCSD
  • Set Boot Config
  • Emmc Universal Factory Reset
  • Make Zero GP Partition


  • Read RPMB Partition

File Tools:

Sparse Tools:

  • Pack File
  • Unpack Sparse

MTK Tools:

  • MTK Preloader Parser

File Tools:

  • Check Dump/File for Empty
  • Analyze FireHose/SBL/XBL File
  • Unpack NBO File

Huawei/Honor Tools:

  • Huawei/Honor OEMINFO Parser

Qualcomm USB Tools:

Qualcomm Memory Erase:

  • Erase ALL ROM/LUN
  • Erase Selected ROM/LUN

Flash (Qualcomm):

  • Erase Before Writing
  • Full Erase Big Partition(s)
  • Verify Write Erase Data
  • Erase Google FRP
  • Repartition
  • Flash

GPT Tools:

  • Rebuild GPT
  • Init GPT From File

What's New:


  • New API
  • New Boxes (2023) Supported


  • Add Qualcomm MELF Loaders support
  • Small bug fixes
  • Fix build info
  • Add new Android info types


  • Sahara v3 Support
  • Connect to FireHose
  • Small Fixes


  • New Quick Buttons (Open Dev Manager/Task Manager)
  • Qualcomm Fixes
  • Scanner Fixes
  • New Loaders
  • New API 3505
  • New Emmc Vendors
  • Calc OnePlus UFS Size
  • Qlm Mi Account Unlock


  • Qualcomm Fixes
  • Scanner Fixes
  • Repartition Fixes
  • Other Small Fixes


  • Fix Hex Viewer Errors


  • Support SUPER.img Dump
  • New Qlm CPU ID


  • New Hex Viewer


  • Add Restart App Button

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