TPS Xiaomi Tool For Unlock Account And More (Working 100%)

Download TPS Xiaomi Tool  (Free Download)

TPS Xiaomi Tool is an application for Windows computer, which allows you to unlock the Mi account, Unlock The Mi Bootloader, Disable Mi account, It also allows you to find the test point on Xiaomi Qualcomm Device, Simply select the test point tab Xiaomi and then select the model number and you will be able to see the test point of the respective device on your computer screen, many more options added in 
this Tool.


  1. Redmi Notes 4, 4X (Mido)
  2. Redmi 5A Lite Notes (ugglite)
  3. Redmi 5A Notes Prime (UGG)
  4. I5 (Gemini)
  5. I5C (meri)
  6. I5S(Capricorn)
  7. I5S Plus (naturism)
  8. I5X (Tiffany)
  9. Mi 6 (Sat)
  10. I Notes 2 (Scorpio)
  11. I Max 16/32GB (hydrogen)
  12. I Max Prime 64/128GB (helium)
  13. I Max 2 (oxygen)
  14. I Mix (lithium)


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