ANDROId UFS v Released (15-2-2020) Free Download

UFST And UFS Turbo Only V1.0.6.0

UFST is a multiplatform box that supports most common phone models like Samsung, Nokia, SonyEricsson, LG, and many others.

Technical Specifications:

1. High-Speed USB interface (480Mhz carrier)
2. Onboard High-Speed USB Hub
3. Onboard USB RID control (Samsung, LG JIG emulation)
4. High-Speed UART communication up to 3.686.400 Bauds
5. High-Speed Fbus transfer, up to 16Mhz
6. Programmable BSI resistance
7. Onboard Vpp generator (12v)
8. Custom Vbat, Vpp, Rx, Tx, and BSI connector
9. A universal USB cable with all possible modes for Samsung and LG
10. USB / UART switching on same Universal Cable
11. Samsung Android devices Factory Programming Mode (FPGM)
12. First time in USB using a USB3 cable
13. Smartcard Protected

What's New UFS V

  1. More than 8200 Predefined Models of Popular Major Brands in [Var] Tab.
  2. Never mix Files from an older version with current, any changes will not work,
  3. We check MD5 to be sure all is Ok, against possible viruses or patches.
  4. Always track .exe, .rs and Boot files together in the pack as in the installation.
  5. Do not spread our Boot files, they are partially encrypted and will not work.
  6. Have a new Search Click place [Click to Search] it works in Selected Vendor Tab.


  • Added Support of V2 ADB Protocol (Issues with 'device not authenticated')
  • Mi Account Disabler [Mi Account] Button.
  • WinUsb Protocol Fixed.


  • Added External Signature Support (.sig files) used by Oppo and some other.
  • Added Detection of Tampered Files by 3rd party tools.
  • Added [nCHKS] Option, Untick it if need Download Checksum Verification.
  • Added New SoC's MT6768, MT6779, MT6785, MT8765, MT8788.
  • Added Factory Defaults (Format) via META Interface [Factory Def.] Button.
  • Added Attestation Key Install [Install At. Key] Button (Google Key, KeyBox, KB)
  • Attempt Write to DL Protected Partitions will not cause Fatal Error & Shutdown.
  • MIPS Modem based models META Protocol Fixed (MT6739, MT6761, MT6763, ...)
  • Enter META from BROM Boot Mode (Pid 0003) Fixed, DAA Secured need Auth file,
  • Can be Switched Off with [Preloader Boot] Option in [Flashing] Tab.


  • Introduced QM215, SM6125(SDM665), SM6150(SDM675), SM7150(SDM730),
  • SM7250(SDM765), SM8150(SDM855) SoCs.


  • Automatic PIT Extraction and Use from CSC, COMBINATION or ALL images, if
  • [Re-Partition] Option is ticked (not need manually select PIT File)
  • To Prevent errors using COMBINATION or Region change Files always use
  • [Re-Partition] Option !!!


  • Added Factory Defaults (Format) via CAL Interface [Factory Def.] button.
  • Added SC7731E, SC9820E, SC9832E, SC9850K(A), SC9853I, SC9863A Support.
  • Added many Predefined FDL files to make Quick FRP and Format (in [Var] TAB)
  • Warning: Some New Soc's (SC9863A) after Wrong FDL's can Be Stuck in Boot ROM
  • and will not Respond to any Keys or USB, to Reset need reconnect Battery.
  • [Extract Img.]
  • Added One Plus OPS Files Extraction.
  • Improved Huawei APP Extraction.
  • Improved Oppo OFP and OZIP (MTK and Qualcomm) Extraction.
  • (New Versions Support Added, Bugs Fixed, OPS OS10 is supported now)

Added / Modified Models (Is Delta against Previous Releaes):


  • Buzz 1, Buzz 1 Lite, Buzz 1 Plus, Clever 1, Urban 1, Urban 1 Pro


  • A3-A40, A3-A50, B1-790, B1-860, B1-870, B1-7A0, B3-A40, B3-A50, C01


  • 5502 (S6 Plus), I4U (S40 LTE), I5C Duo, I5C Lite, I5D (S5E Fingerprint),
  • I5G, I7U (i Lite), I55D (S6), S5E (Full View), S5E NXT, X7 Pro
  • AGM:
  • A8, X1, X2


  • Atom, Heat 3, Hot 2, Hot2 Pro, Hot 2X, Infinity, Madrid, Mix 2, Rio,
  • Rio S, Rio X, S1, S1 X, S5500, U1


  • 3088X, 4051S (Go Flip V), 4052(Go Flip 3), 5001 (1V 2019), 5003 (1C 2019),
  • 5009 (1C), 5018D, 5024 (1S 2019), 5124J (L10), 5039 (3L 2019), 5053 (3 2019),
  • 5059S (1X VZW), 8088 (3T 10)


  • C2, C5, FreerX9, iPlay8, iPlay8 Pro, iPlay10, iPlay10 Pro, M5, M5L, M5S, M5XS,
  • M8, Power M3, U63PLUSC, X, X1


  • A10 Lite, A10 Plus, E4, E4 Lite, P4 Pro, P41 eMagic, P6 Energy Lite, P8 Life


  • 70 Copper, 70 Oxygen, 70 Platinum, 70 Xenon, 70B Xenon, 70C Xenon, 80C Xenon,
  • 101 Access, 101 Helium, 101 Xenon, 101 Xenon Lite, 101B Oxygen, 101C Platinum,
  • Access 45 4G, Access 57 4G, Access 101 3G, Core 50 4G, Core 55 4G,


  • Benefit S402, S403, S404, S451, S452, S453, S501, S502 Plus, M9, Note 1,
  • Wizard 1, Brown 1, Elf E1, Elf S8, Hercls A15, Hercls L925, Phantom 1
  • A40, A42, Jazz


  • A001D-ZB634KL(ZenFone Max Plus/Shot M2), A006-V520KL(ZenFone V),
  • I001D-ZS660KL(ROG Phone 2), I01WD-ZS630KL(ZenFone 6), P008-Z581KL(ZenPad3 8),
  • P00I-Z500KL(ZenPad 3S 10), X00AD_2-ZB500KL(ZenFone Go),
  • X00P-ZB556KL(ZenFone Max M1), X01AD-ZB632KL/ZB633KL(ZenFone Max M2),
  • X01BD-ZB630KL/ZB631KL(ZenFone Max Pro M2)


  • BMM431D, BMM441D, BMM442D, BMM443D, BMM531A, BMM533D, BMM541A, BMM541D,
  • BMM541S, BMM542D, BMM542S, BMM543D


  • A60, A60 Pro, A80 Pro, BV5500, BV5500 Pro, BV5900, BV6100, BV9100,
  • BV9500 Plus, BV9600, BV9700 Pro, BV9800, BV9800 Pro, Max1, S6


  • A0010WW(Advance A5), A0031WW(Advance A5 Plus), A190P(Advance A6),
  • A350A(Advance L4), A390(Advance L5), C0000UU(C5), C0030(C6L), C0050(C5L),
  • C012EQ(C5), C012EQ(C5), C014(C5), C031P(C6), C050(C4), C070(C4 2019),
  • C090EQ(C6 2019), C090P (C6X), G0050(Grand M2), G0070WW(Grand M3), G0090(G5),
  • G0130WW(G9), G0170(G8), G0190 (G5 Plus), G0210 (G6), G210Q (Grand 5.5 HD II),
  • G0230WW (G9 Pro), P0050WW (Pure View), G029Q (Grand M2 2018), J0000LL (J7),
  • M030P (M6), N0030WW (Bold N1), S0470WW (Studio Mega LTE), S0480LL(S5),
  • S532(Studio X8 HD), S812P(Studio View), S850U(Studio M4 +), S870Q(Studio G4),
  • S910Q(Studio Mega), U851, V0210WW(Vivo XL3 Plus), V0260WW(Vivo One),
  • V0270WW(Vivo One), V0310WW(Vivo XI+), V0330WW(Vivo XI), V0350WW(Vivo XL4),
  • V0370WW(Vivo One Plus 2019), V0390WW(Vivo Go), V0410UU(V5)


  • AX684, AX686, AX820, AX821, AX823, AX905, AX1015, AX1035, AX1065E, AX1074


  • 1022L, 1056L, 1057L, 1077L, 1081G, 1082G, 1083G, 1084L, 1085L, 4001G, 4072,
  • 4077, 4500, 4501G, 4526, 4583, 4800, 5001L, 5002G, 5003L, 5004G, 5008L,
  • 5010G, 5011G, 5012L, 5015L, 5020, 5033, 5035, 5059, 5071, 5082, 5201, 5202,
  • 5204, 5209L, 5211, 5300G, 5301, 5302G, 5500L, 5504, 5508L, 5512L, 5514G,
  • 5514L, 5518G, 5519G, 5517L, 5519L, 5520L, 5521, 5521L, 5525, 5528L, 5530L,
  • 5535L, 5540L, 5594, 5700L, 5730L, 5731L, 5732L, 6000L, 6001L, 6010G, 6015L,
  • 6016L, 6022G, 6035L, 6040L, 6050, 6200L, 7000G, 7006G, 7036L, 7038G, 7040G,
  • 7064G, 7081, 7098G, 8041L, 8067L, 8068L


  • A501, A503, A504, A506, A509, A510, A511, A512, A551, A553, A554, N1-550,
  • N1-570


  • Spira B1 10.1, B2 5, B3 5.5, B3 8, B4 5.5, B5.5 Power, D2 5.5, D5, D5.5


  • CamPad P6, CamPad P7, Hero H5, H5+, H6, H7, H7+, H8, H9, H11, H12, H13,
  • Hero SE2, Hero SE3 Max, Hero SX, Hero X, Hero XR+, Honey Y1, Max 7, Mega 8,
  • Mega 9, Mega 10, S2, S8, SE, Venso V5


  • Via A2, Via A3, Via A3 Plus, Via G1, Via G1 Plus, Via M4, Via S17
  • S30, S40, S41, S61


  • Elite, Infine, Senwa, Senwa2, Speed, Unite


  • Desire R8, Flare HD4, Flare J2, Flare J2 2018, Flare S7 Prime


  • Hi9, Hi9 Air, Hi9 Plus, Hi9 Pro


  • Next Infinity


  • A3s, A4s


  • SP532(Griffe T8), SP623(Plume L2), SP624(Plume L1 Plus), SP625(Plume L3),
  • SP626(Allure M3 Lite), SP627(Allure M3), SP630(Griffe T5), SP631(Griffe T6),
  • SP632(Griffe T7), SP637(Plume L3 Plus), SP638(Plume L3 Smart),
  • SP647(Griffe T9 Plus), SP648(Griffe T9), TB717L, TB802L


  • S6, S8, S9, S10, S11


  • 1801-T0(N3M), 1803-I0(Mega 5C), 1804-I0(Mega 5M N2M), 1812-A0(K2 Max),
  • 1821-I0(Mega 5A), 1821-T0(N3D), 1822-C0(N3C), 1825(Cool3),
  • 1831-A0(Cool Play 7C), 1873-A0(Cool Play 8), 3636A, 8298-M02, 8737,
  • ART-T0(N2D), COR-I0(Note 6),GRA-A0(Play 6C), MTS-T0(N2M)
  • IVVI: CK2-01, CK3-01, E91S, F1, F1S, F2C, F2S, F2-T, F3C, i3-01, i3P-02,
  • K5, SK1-01, SK1-02, SK2-01, SK3-01, SK5, SS1-01, V1M, V2, V3, V3-T


  • Hafury A7, Hafury Note 10, Hafury Umax, J3 Pro, J5, J7, KingKong Mini, Manito,
  • Max 2, P30, Quest, Quest Lite, R15, R15 Pro, R19, S550 Pro, X19, X19S, X20 Pro


  • A140, A150, A240, A350, AL140, AL240, B245, B260, B355, B340, B650, BL150,
  • BL155, BS155, E110, E170, E180, E210, G253, G255, G355, G550, GL355, GS150,
  • GS153, GS155, H110, H170, H210, H270, L110, L170, L180, L210, L270, L370i,
  • M110, M210, N110, N169, N170, N180, N180i, N210, N280, N280i, N310, N370,
  • N380i, N410, N570, P110, P210, P280, P310, P380, P380i, P410, P510, R110,
  • S110, S169, S170, S180, S190, S270, S270i, S280, S290, S370, S380, S470,
  • S570, S770, VA110, VA210, Y5, Z355, Z455


  • D100, Luxuary Plus, Luxuary X, Premium Plus, R2, R4 Plus, Turbo B2


  • Citi, Hit, Linx, Optima, Plane, Platina, Vox


  • N10, N20, N100, S40, S68 Pro, S90, X90, X100, Y7, Y7 Plus, Y8, Y8 Plus, Y8C


  • P3, P3 Pro, P4, P5, P5 Pro P5C


  • A5, A6 Max, A6 Mini, P11, U


  • E500, E500S, E520, H240S, H500S, H550S, P490, P490S, P550S, P600S, S500, S500E


  • Colors, Max, Max2, Max3+, Max4000, Neo2, Neo Lite, Pro3, Pro4G, Pro HD


  • A74N, A74R, M40A, M50, M50 Pro, M50 Star Plus, M53, M55, M55B, M55 Pro,
  • M70, R5C, R45, S45 Plus, S45A, S45B, S55A, S55B, U6 Prime, U6A, U6B, U50,
  • U50A Max, U70A


  • M1, P1, V1, V1 Max, V4, V4 Nano, V4 Plus, V6, V8, V9 Plus


  • Onyx 1S, Onyx 3+LTE, Onyx 3S, Onyx Note LTE


  • S310, S552, S755


Aurii Delight, Aurii Razor, Aurii Secret X, Aurii Vivid, Metal Grand


5S, Life Ace, Life Compact 4G, Life Jet, Life Play, Life Sky, Slimline,
View Max


A1, Amigo, G1, G9000, Note


GS53, GS55, GS57, GS80, GS100, GS160, GS170, GS180, GS Koala, GS Robin


F6L, F9, F9 Plus, F10, S9L, S10BL, S10L, S11 Lite, SW17W08
GM8, GM8D, GM8 Go, GM8 ***,GM9 Go, GM9 *** GM9 Pro


C7, C7 Note, C7 Note Mini, K1, S1, U1, U7, U7 Mini, U9, Fenmmy Note


Alpha A1, Alpha A3 Lite
Max 3, Power Five Max 2


H50, M20, M20i, M20s, M21, M21i, M21s, M22s, M23i, M25i, Y10, Y10i, Y11,
Y11s, Y12, Pure 3S


A6, E77 Mini, F32, T965, U605, U964
C2, C8, H1, H10, P30 Pro, Zoji Z11, Zoji Z33


  • Desire 12
  • AGS-XXX(Agassi), AMN-LXX(Amman), ARE-XXX(Ares), ATU-XXX(Atomu), AUM-XXX(Atomu),
  • BAH-XXX(Bach), BKK-XXX(Bangkok), CAN-XXX(Cannes), CPN-XXX(Chopin),
  • DIG-XXX(Diego), DUB-XXX(Dubai), JAT-XXX(Jakarta),KOB-XXX(Kobe),
  • KSA-XXX(Katyusha), LDN-XXX(London), LND-XXX(London), MLA-XXX(Milan),
  • MRD-XXX(Madrid), SLA-XXX(Selina), TOR-Ax(Toronto), TRT-XXX(Toronto)


Koral 7, Koral 7M3, Koral 7M4, Koral 7XL, Koral 10XL, Koral 10XL Plus,
Maestro HDT7427G(H), Maestro HDT7427G(H) Plus, Ultra Shine


  • Slide 4GE Mania, Slide Dazzle i7, Slide Elan 4G2 Plus, Slide Gorgeo 4GL
  • X5516C (Smart 3), X610B (Note 6), X620 (Zero 6 Pro), X620B (Zero 6),
  • X624/B (Hot 7), X625B/C/D (Hot 7 Pro), X626/B (S4), X627V/W (Smart 3 Plus),
  • X650 (Hot 8 Lite), X650B/C/D (Hot 8), X652/A (S5), X652B/C (S5 Lite),
  • X653/C (Smart 4), X655F (Hot 9 Pro), X660 (S5 Pro)


  • IF9002 (Turbo 5s), IF9003 (Snap 4), IF9029 (Vision 3 Pro)


A10, A20, A30, C40i, C40i+, C40L, C50i, C50L, i1, i3, i4, i55, iX, K1, K2,
K3, K21i, K22i, K40i, K45i, K50i, K55i, K410i, K410i+, T1, T2, T4, U1, U2,
Y2, Y3, Z55i, Z55L


D1, S1, Silk, X


1 Lite, 2, 2 2019, 2 Lite, 2 Lite 2019, 3, 3 Lite, 3 Power, 5 Lite, 5 Pro,
5C, 5i, 5i Pro, 5X, 5X Lite, 6, 6 Lite, 6i, 6i Lite, 7 Lite, 7i, 7i Lite, 8


  • Elyt Dual, IM0318ND(Indie5), IM0418ND(Indie15), IP0218ND(Staari10),
  • IP0418ND(Infie77), IP0518ND (Infie33), IV0118ND(Lions6), IV0318ND(Infie3)


I950i (Pro 8S), Kylin 5.0S, Kylin 5.5, Kylin 50i, Phonenix 50S


SP402, SP493, SP494, SP541, SP542, SP554, TZ150, TZ151, TZ165, TZ170, TZ178,
TZ179, TZ183, TZ195, TZ197, TZ198, TZ198e, TZ712, TZ714, TZ716, TZ717, TZ720,
TZ720n, TZ721, TZ721e, TZ725e, TZ727, TZ737, TZ742, TZ747, TZ752, TZ753,
TZ754, TZ757, TZ762, TZ771, TZ772, TZ777, TZ777e, TZ781, TZ794, TZ797, TZ855,
TZ856, TZ856e, TZ858, TZ872, TZ874, TZ877, TZ878, TZ890, TZ891, TZ892, TZ897,
TZ963, TZ964, TZ965, TZ967, TZ968, TZ969


IS2 Plus, IS2S, IS3 Plus, IS6, IS6 Plus, Next E, Next G, Next P, Next P Plus,
Next P Pro, Next U, Vox 4S, Vox 5S, Vox Alpha, Vox Energy, Vox Fortis,
Vox Prop F1, Vox Prop Plus, Vox Prop Pro, Vox Steel, Vox Steel Plus


A14, A14S, A15R, A16, A16 Plus, A23, A43, A44 Air, A44 Power, A45 Air, A52,
A52 Lite, A52B, A52S Lite, L5002(A25), L5502(A44 Air), L5503(A46), L5503L(A46),
L5507/P(A45 Air), L6002P(S15 Pro), L6003P(A55 LTE), L6005(Vision1(P36 Play)),
P13, P13 Plus, S11 Pro, S11XB, W4003(A14 Max), W5001P(A33), W5003(S32 Mini),
W5008(Alpha Lite), W5503(Alpha), W5504(P33), W5005(P15), W5005P(P15),
W6001(P13 Plus), W6002(S15), W6003(A55 3G)
iV104, iV505, iV Smart4G, V5


A450, A500, Basco L451, Basco M500, Fresh, Fresh4G, Goal Plus, Hit, Hit4G,
Iron, Joy, JoyPro, L500, Neon, Optim4G, Pass, Pass3G, PassPlus, PicassoNote,
Start, StartLTE, Storm, Touch4G, WinPro


H8, H802, K2, K7


A1 Indian, A9 Indian, A40 Indian, A40 Indian+, A41 Power, A45 Indian, Aura1,
Aura6 Turbo, Aura Champ, Aura Note Play, Aura Power 4G, Aura Sleek Plus,
Indian 9, K9 Smart Eco, K9 Smart Grand, K9 Smart Plus, Platinum P9 2018,
Platinum P9 Pro, Vue 1, Yuva 2

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[*] CompatibleThe above software runs smoothly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit).
[*] Take a Backup: If you are going to try the above tool, then please take a backup of your Android Smartphone or Tablet as flashing any recovery or file may brick the device.
[*] Other ToolsIf you are searching for other useful tools then follow our Tools Section to download free GSM Tools.
[*] CreditsThe ANDROId UFS v is created and distributed by the SaraSoft (developer). So, full credits go to them (developer) for sharing the tool for free.

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