ADB FASTBOOT Command Tool V5 by serviceemmc Free Download

ADB FASTBOOT Command Tool V5 (Lot's of function added)

ADB and Fastboot command tool is a small tool which allows the user to perform any task in one click. this tool is completely free by the developer. this tool included a separate window for ADB and Fastboot one-click to use any feature. no need for a box key dongle and activation. this tool working on any windows computer no needs any additional requirement. if any problem in this tool please comment below.

ADB~Fastboot Tool V5 Features:

ADB Fastboot Command Tool Version 5-Support Unlock Bootloader. This application is a command that you can use to Reboot your smartphone. Besides this Toolkit can be used for other activities such as Remove Frp-Remove Mi CLoud-Unlock Bootloader and other activities, for sightings, you can see the picture

Of course with this will be easier for you to do detail can be seen below:


  1. ADB Checker-Checks Smartphone Specifications
  2. ADB Reboot
  3. Adb To Fastboot
  4. Adb To Recovery
  5. Samsung download Mode
  6. Power Of
  7. Adb Clean Mi Cloud Methode 1-4
  8. Samsung ADB Remove FRP
  9. Adb Remove Pin
  10. Adb Remove Frp
  11. Adb Factory Format
  12. Adb To Diag Fastboot Mode


  1. Checker-Check model status and bootloader
  2. Vivo Checker-Check model status and bootloader
  3. Fastboot to Bootloader
  4. Fastboot to Recovery
  5. Fastboot to Edl Method 1-4
  6. Fastboot Remove Mi Cloud Fastboot
  7. Fix Sensor Xiaomi
  8. Fastboot to Adb
  9. Fastboot Remove Frp
  10. Fastboot Wiper Data
  11. Fastboot Unlock Bootloader

[*] Compatible: The above software runs smoothly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit).
[*] Take a Backup: If you are going to try the above tool, then please take a backup of your Android Smartphone or Tablet as flashing any recovery or file may brick the device.
[*] Other Tools: If you are searching for other useful tools then follow our Tools Section to download free GSM Tools.
[*] Credits: The ADB FASTBOOT Command Tool is created and distributed by Serviceemmc Team (developer). So, full credits go to them (developer) for sharing the tool for free.

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