One-click Root Tool for Redmi Note 7...

Currently, Redmi Note 7 is not the latest version of the Redmi Note series. Its successor the 8th has been available. Nevertheless, the device that has codename Lavender is still a powerful device. It still receives a great number of sales.
Being not the latest version, Redmi Note 7 has a bunch of tools, tweaks, and mods made by third-party developers. This injects more hype to your adrenaline to unleash the beasts (read: CPUs and GPU) within the device.

One thing important for this noble purpose is a rooted Android ecosystem. Rooting your phone opens possibilities to further modifications over your phone.
The traditional way to root Redmi Note 7 is not difficult. If you wish to do this manually, you’ll need to flash TWRP and flash Magisk through the TWRP.
What if you can do the task automagically within one click? This will cut the lengthy process. The manual way is easy but doing it in one click is super easy.
Enter the Redmi Note 7 One-click Root Tool! It is a Windows-based program to easily root your Lavender easily.
The tool is not implementing a different method of rooting Android. Instead, it also flashes TWRP and uses it to sideload Magisk.
The tool was shared on XDA by Pr1nc3V. It was built using Themida which turns out to be recognized as Virus/Trojan by major Antivirus software.
Its updated version 1.1. uses different software packing mechanism to eliminate such as false positive detection.


  1. Unlock the bootloader of your phone.
  2. Download the zip file above and extract it on your computer.
  3. Install the Driver.msi file. This is basically an ADB Fastboot Driver.
  4. Install the Redmi Note 7 Rooter.msi program.
  5. Enable USB Debugging on your phone.
  6. Connect the phone to your computer using its USB cable.
  7. Launch up the Redmi Note 7 Rooter tool.
  8. You should see “Device is connected” in the bottom right corner. Otherwise, click the refresh button.
  9. Click the big ROOT button in the middle of the tool to start rooting.
  10. Wait for the tool to process.
  11. Once the process is 100%, your phone will reboot to the system.


While the tool is pretty impressive, the original download link was gone missing in the XDA thread. We dug into our archive and luckily found a copy of the file.

Download Here