Alcatel Smart Suite v3.6.9 Free Download Working 100%

Alcatel Smart Suite v3.6.9 - No Need Password

Alcatel PC Suite has been developed to bring the Alcatel phone users a way to transfer files, install applications, photos, and media, keep their phones updated and the firmware synchronized. You can manage your phonebook, SMS’s, logos, ring tones, and all the other files of your mobile phone simply and easily directly from your PC.

🎁Features Alcatel Smart Suite v3.6.9 :

The overview window of the Alcatel Smart Suite allows you to see the Android version, Battery Status, Phone Storage capacity, SD Storage capacity of the connected device. It also allows you to take a screenshot of the device screen.
🎇Manage Contacts:
It allows you to import, export, create or delete the existing contacts on the mobile device. While creating or editing the existing contacts, it gives various options to add Name, Number, Email, Address, Organization, Set Nick Name, and add notes to any specific contact.
🎇Manage Messages:
It allows you to create a new text message from the computer, reply to the existing messages, import or export the current messages between the computer and the mobile device. It also allows you to read or delete the existing messages.
🎇Manage Calendars:
It allows you to add or edit the existing events, import or export events or delete the current events. It also allows you to add reminders while creating or editing the current events.
🎇Manage Gallery:
It allows you to import or export the existing gallery, see the preview of the current gallery, or delete any specific image or the entire gallery.
🎇Manage Songs:
It allows you to see the list of existing songs, listen to songs on the computer, import or export the songs, delete any specific song, or the entire music collection.
🎇Manage Applications:
It allows you to install any app on the mobile device, delete or uninstall any application on the mobile device, export the entire applications on the computer.

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