Launcher 4.0 With Serial Free Download (Make Your Computer Smart)

Launcher 4.0 Free With Activation...

Launcher – is an alternative launch bar that captures, displays, and starts files of any kind with a simple mouse click.

🎇Features Launcher 4.0:

  • ✔Small, super-fast while using little resources. Therefore minimum hardware requirements.
  • ✔Available as Setup.exe with uninstaller or as a simple zip-file without installation. It does not save anything in the registry.
  • ✔Runs independently of given drive letters. The perfect solution for all USB-sticks.
  • ✔It provides a visually appealing and intuitive operation within a sizable window in impressive superfine quality.
  • ✔Much more elegant and also significantly faster than the Windows start menu which is often very confusing.
  • ✔Evaluates links correctly, including any parameters, and allows us to define more meaningful titles.
  • ✔Very flexible and easy arrangement of your symbols. The window can be positioned everywhere on the desktop and it docks to screen-edges.
  • ✔Various possibilities to reduce the window-size, hide it, keep it always in the foreground, and automatically get pulled off the screen. Shows up only when needed!
  • Control the transparency of the window with fade-in and fade-out effects.
  • ✔Icons and hotkeys with numerous special functions.
  • ✔Set your own wallpaper in combination with a frameless window.
  • ✔A tinted window adapts even better to your desktop background. Pages can be sorted by color.
  • ✔Simple safety concept based on the main menu that can be disabled. Lock your settings at home or even more important on public computers.
  • ✔Use Popup-windows to display messages of any kind, both on your local machine and on remote computers within your network.
  • ✔Integrated call monitor for incoming and outgoing calls, (FritzBox required) with the optional reverse search of unknown numbers. A warning will be shown if a phone number is rated questionable.
  • ✔Localized in 3 languages. (German English French)

📥 Download Launcher 4.0

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