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I am writing this in the post so that you can help your dongle by getting blocked. UMT has started blocking the serial number of dongle of many users for a few days now. Because of this now you cannot run that dongle on your pc anytime. if you online share your USB dongle with any other pc then your dongle also blocked by UMT Team. please do not share your dongle with anyone's pc. if your dongle is blocked then contact to UMT reseller who activated or share all dongles.

If the dongle is not blocked, how to safe from blocked?

If you make a video and published it on youtube, Facebook, or anywhere then please do not show your serial number. once Dongle company has to trace your serial number then this was easily blocked your serial number and you never use that dongle. and also if you sharing your dongle with anyone with a USB redirector or any other software then also your umt, MRT all dongle company has blocked your dongle permanently. if you working daily for unlocking remotely then you have to get a customer mobile phone port on your pc and do a JOB.

How To Unblocked?

Once your UMT, MRT, and other dongle have been blocked company says is never activate. is policy violation detect then you never use that dongle. if you think the dongle has accidentally blocked by the company then you have to complain to the reseller. is talked to a company and activate again your tool. you can also contact by Twitter, Facebook, or official website.

If you do any work from your dongle and take a screenshot and share it, then you have to hide your serial number. So that no one can see that serial number.

Please Do not share your Dongle serial number with anyone once Dongle company has trace your serial number he was easily blocked and your dongle has not worked any more

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